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  1. Thanks for the pics, they all help. Long way to go on this project. Anyone have any pictures of an LJ front fender with top, front and backside views? The ones we have appear to have been worked on.
  2. Cab picture in primer and I reskinned the cargo doors. I am currently working on the metal interior trim panels and then starting on the front fenders.
  3. Working on a 47 LJ and cab looks the same with integrated sleeper and rear removable cab panel
  4. Doing body restoration on a 1947 LJ Mack with integrated sleeper cab. Is there an outlet for any kind of body panels out there, looking for front fenders or pictures of the front fenders to use in restoration, cab is currently in primer and starting on the rest of the panels now.
  5. Starting a restoration on a 47 LJ Mack and looking for guidance, information and parts for this project.
  6. Thanks for the tip on the rubber, any tips on replacement wiring harnesses/
  7. Starting with cab and then working to restoring rest of body parts before putiing back on the frame.
  8. Here are some pictures of the 1947 LJ Mack project. Thanks
  9. Starting a restoration of a 1947 LJ Mack and looking for parts and tips. Are wiring harnesses available and does the dashboard come out.
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