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    I'm currenly the new proud owner of my father's 1964 B81SX and plan to follow in his footsteps.

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  1. Got the motor to turn over today by running all the batteries together in series in order to get the full 24 volts to the starter. Thank you everyone for the help and suggestions.
  2. That you everyone for the replies, it's definitely a blessing to me a member of this site. It's great to be able to post a question and have a bunch of great people help you out. I will let you guys know how everything works out. Thank you all again so much, CJ
  3. Yes we don't want to start the motor dry. We want to have everything nice and lubricated before we attempt to start the motor and have it run.
  4. If I'm looking at the diagram correctly, would crossing the #6 and #7 terminals result in the motor turning?
  5. Hey guys, Got a real thinker here for you. We're trying to turn the motor over in a 1964 Mack B-61 through the series parallel switch, but without the ignition switch. We have all the batteries tied together with the series parallel switch and starter, but don't know which two terminals to cross in order to get the motor to turn over so we can build up some oil pressure for a prestart. There are three small terminals located on the rear of the switch (see pictures). We established that the one with the red wire is a ground leading to the frame, so we did that. Then that same terminal is connected to the bottom terminal with a jumper wire. We put a voltage meter on the them and read that each one has 12.5 volts when it's set up the way I just described. However, when the jumper wire is disconnected, only the terminal with the ground wire reads 12.5 volts and the others have 0. My question to you is what terminals must I cross in order to complete the circuit and turn the motor over. Let me know, CJ
  6. Hey all, I've been doing some research to find who the manufacturer of the integral sleeper cabs was for the B Model? I know that this same manufacturer also made integral cans for other trucks as well, but I can't seem to come up with a name. Let me know. Thanks, CJ
  7. Hello all, Got a quick question for you to take a stab at. What is the difference between the Goodyear G177 11.00R X 22 and Goodyear G377 11.00R X 22 tires. It appears that they have identical tread pattern. Are both of these tires still in production? Is there in fact a difference between them? Let me know. CJ
  8. Old school kid trying to deal with the new school world

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