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  1. Is that grill insert made of plastic or metal? Have seen plastic ones on ebay. Grill looks nice. thanks
  2. Manders Diesel has an E9 for sale. Parts guy says its a good runner. $6500 plus core. Manders is located just south of Minneapolis on I35.
  3. REI in Chicago has good stock of NOS parts for obsolete compressors. 800-489-9860
  4. Thanks for the nice comments. The front rims are 11 x 15, same size that a lot of jd4020s used. Like the wider three rib tire and the belt from our club's sawmill will still clear the inside of the tire. The original front tires were 7.50 x 18. Took a while to locate the rear tires, they are old and the rubber is very hard. The shoulders of the short cleats bite hard when pulling a sled.
  5. Their name is Rebuilders Enterprises Inc., or REI. Phone number is 800-489-9860.
  6. When I bought mine the air compressor was worn out. Came across a company in Chicago that had a lot of NOS parts for obsolete compressors. They rebuilt it for $300, return freight included. It has worked well ever since.
  7. Thanks for the help with the photos. Merry Christmas
  8. If anybody can shed any light on the what I am doing wrong on the photos it would be much appreciated. These are loading from my Iphone 6.
  9. Only have the tractor, no scraper or dump body attachment. Bought it to take to antique tractor shows and tractor pulls. As far as being similar to a JD 840, not really. The JD 840 was a beefed-up JD 830 ag tractor. The DW10 has an up-rated version of the same engine in a D6-9u dozer, 115hp 6 cylinder, vs the 2 cylinder diesel in the 840. The DW10 has air brakes just like a truck, except they can be applied independently to the LR or RR wheel to help in tight turns and control differential slip.
  10. Sorry for the learning curve with the pictures
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