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  1. contact me re: crank shaft for CF engine RT
  2. check with the folks at NORTHWEST lift TRUCK SERVICES in Redding, They have a very unique B Model and a highly modified LT used in daily service at 530 243 3572 they have a very unique B model
  3. Good source for large updraft mostly Zenith carbs, some Stromberg, and some Zenith down draft. Dave Daigh 530 342 9575
  4. Saturday was the Central Valley Chapter show in Plymouth Ca. 228 trucks with several LT's some stock and some more modern powered up to an E9 engine. Bruce's LT sold that I wish I had not sold him went to Idaho last year
  5. This looks like a big chore for an AC going either uphill or downhill. In 1932 there was a flash flood in the dry arid Tehachapi Canyon above Bakersfield Ca. The trains were stopped because of the intense rain and crews were in a small resturant along the tracks. The wall of water '40 FOOT HIGH" came so fast that the restaurant was washed away, whole trains were undermined and left buried in gravel, The large steam locomotives took days to find in the realigned channel. Loss of life was estimated at over 50 including a nearby highway crew of 20. Unknown but thought to be over 40 were additional transients riding the rails. I have a book showing equipment including the number "43" cat 60 pictured here digging out totaly buried big 4 10 2 locomotives. AcroRd32.exe
  6. Ad has been taken down by craigslist, I got the owners no from the owner of the low bed truck that hauled the truck to the owner. Dave at 530 365 6101. I looked at the truck yesterday. It is GM 471 powered, has a long wheelbase with a double frame. the radiator shell is useable with a slight amount of work, the shutters are straight, the fenders are easily restorable, everything is gone between the cab and the running boards, and the cab is on the ruff side but salvageable if one was into a lot of work. Owner said he wants 2500, would reduce the price for chassis only purchase. I passed on the truck but I am sure he will negotiate,
  7. I probably should have said "Tesla Powered"
  8. What's with the Pries powered B model posted on the gallery ?
  9. russell t

    Last LTL?

    Dan, the BM came from the Folsom area where it spent it's life as a 5 yd dump. I am in the process of restoration and intend to bring it back as a 5th wheel tractor. I am unable to post a picture so give me a call and I will email some picture. 530 949 6878
  10. russell t

    Last LTL?

    Dan, the 37 BM is a California truck from the Folsom area with a 5 yard dump bed. Fortunately the C cab is virtually rust free so I have started a total restoration. The engine required a total rebuild including a donner engine. I plan to finish it as a fifth wheel tractor. I cannot seem to be able to post a picture so try to send me an email add. Have you heard from Tony and Peter lately? RT
  11. russell t

    Last LTL?

    The off highway KW in the Joseph collection was mine once until in a weak moment I let a "friend" have it and now has ended up in the NH. The kw looks much more impressive with the rear wheels on, but it is then 10'6" wide.
  12. Had similar problem with an older truck with a larger motor, I had to remove the motor to get the steering box in and then leave the box unbolted from the frame to " thread the needle" when installing the cab due to the steep angle of the steering column and the small opening in the cab.
  13. willy, I am restoring a BM with rubber spring mounting pads similar to the front ones on your truck. I would like to know a source for these mounting pads if you were able to find any new ones. Thank you in advance
  14. good work, I am sure you will enjoy the finished product
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