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    I probably should have said "Tesla Powered"
  2. What's with the Pries powered B model posted on the gallery ?
  3. B42 plans

    let me know when the 401 is available RT
  4. Last LTL?

    Dan, the BM came from the Folsom area where it spent it's life as a 5 yd dump. I am in the process of restoration and intend to bring it back as a 5th wheel tractor. I am unable to post a picture so give me a call and I will email some picture. 530 949 6878
  5. Last LTL?

    Dan, the 37 BM is a California truck from the Folsom area with a 5 yard dump bed. Fortunately the C cab is virtually rust free so I have started a total restoration. The engine required a total rebuild including a donner engine. I plan to finish it as a fifth wheel tractor. I cannot seem to be able to post a picture so try to send me an email add. Have you heard from Tony and Peter lately? RT
  6. Last LTL?

    The off highway KW in the Joseph collection was mine once until in a weak moment I let a "friend" have it and now has ended up in the NH. The kw looks much more impressive with the rear wheels on, but it is then 10'6" wide.
  7. Getting closer

    Had similar problem with an older truck with a larger motor, I had to remove the motor to get the steering box in and then leave the box unbolted from the frame to " thread the needle" when installing the cab due to the steep angle of the steering column and the small opening in the cab.
  8. Getting heavier

    willy, I am restoring a BM with rubber spring mounting pads similar to the front ones on your truck. I would like to know a source for these mounting pads if you were able to find any new ones. Thank you in advance
  9. Getting heavier

    good work, I am sure you will enjoy the finished product
  10. Getting heavier

    Looks great, and it is yours so polish away. Which engine are you using, 377, 401, or 402? If my memory is correct the 377 used an oil cooler and the double fan belts?
  11. 1939 Mack FG

    We in California at least got to have an F model for a short time. This truck was posted on the WOT classified site on the Friday after Thanksgiving and when I called on sat. evening the seller told me he had a full price offer and two backup offers. I think the amazing original condition is the result of having the cable operated backhoe attachment with no out riggers. Imagine putting on the emergency brake and trying to dig while bouncing around on the tires. This attachment most likely municipalities saved a the FG's life.
  12. Thanks, I know norm well, will follow up

    1. mowerman


      oooooh rite on man.....if you talk to him,,,,tell him bob from reno says hi....bob

  13. Trying to get contact info on a gentlemen named Randy Sully that has posted information he collects on 1930's BM BQ and BX model Mack's on this site.
  14. J Hancock is probably right as my old eyes couldn't read the hood logo even with a mag glass. On closer examination the tool and battery boxes mounted on the frame look just like the ones on my 1937 BM.
  15. The radiator and shutters look Mack but the trim on the doors and spoke wheels are absent, so my best guess is a Moreland. Moreland had a dark egg shaped logo on the radiator. They were manufactured in Los Angles from 1915 to 1940 with dealerships only in the west. My second guess would be a Kleiber which was manufactured in San Francisco and used a very similar cab to the Moreland. Scratch the Kleiber, they had an upward sloping cursive logo on the radiator. I'll stick with Moreland.