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  1. 2 50 gallon mack steel tanks one with dent one is almost perfect! $500 takes both caps not included. 9086013287 text or call leave a message if I don't answer.
  2. Tanks off of a 91 superliner 139 gallon capacity 2 available minor pitting under straps $200 each 9086013287 text or call leave a message if I don't answer.
  3. don't worry guys i will find em, you buy em!! https://nh.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1965-mack-b61sx-tandem-dump/6541947601.html 1965 Mack tandem dump truck. 55k rears, good rubber. 673 Thermodyne diesel. 20 speed quadbox. Inspected and licensed yearly. Runs great, needs some cosmetics.
  4. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1963-mack-bmack-b81-dump/6561715873.html 673 Diesel, Quad Box Transmission, Triple Frame, Power Steering, Both trucks fully restored, everything NEW: Brakes, Tires, Cooling System, LED Lights, Interiors, everything! Stored indoors ! You won't find any nicer. $35,000 each Call 603-493-0345
  5. awesome looking truck!! to many projects or else I would be on my way!! http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/hvd/5301302263.html
  6. we ran the engine straight from a clean tank of fuel with a new piece of suction line and it still missed, as for the hard fuel lines. we replaced all 6 when we ran it the last time and still had the issue. the fan is intact. with no damage. hoping that this ring was the issue.
  7. well i've been chasing an engine miss in one of my projects for a few months now. we adjusted the valves and the helped a little. then the injectors tested bad so i replaced them, that improved it a little bit. the fuel pump was next on the list it needed some work according to the guy who tested it, that improved the miss a little further. so the cam was pulled, no issues there. then we pulled the heads, they were rebuilt but needed minimum work. so today i pulled the pistons. the only thing i found was a broken oil ring. could this be the culprit?? any information would be helpful!! thanks, Bart G.
  8. well I took my injection pump out to be rebuilt and was wondering what I should time the engine to? I made some upgrades. stage two injectors and turbo upgrade from rochester injection, as well as having the pump turned up at a local injection shop. should I advance the timing to help lower the egts or just set it back to factory specs? thanks guys!!
  9. well the dealer quoted me the parts and they were cheap so I bought them but... I am looking for a good floor panel. the one that unbolts from the floor. part number 19qr4249
  10. looking for a mack rd cab. dosent need to be straight or rust free just priced right. it can actually be almost completely crushed. I'm looking for the clutch pedal and all the hardware out of one. 1990 to 1999 mack rd.
  11. They are just neat trucks! Heavy spec tractors are my favorite! Plus they are the last of the real macks.
  12. I wish. Just curious about the build specs. So far I learned they have 350s with automatics 20 front 58 rears with a crd201 housing gear ratio 6.43s and r24 tires.
  13. curious about what nyc was running for tractors. just wondering the build specs. frame, axles, tires, transmissions, engines and such. I know they are rd688sx designation just wondering about what all is to them. I have some pictures I borrowed one from hanks truck pictures.
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