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  1. The Customer Adaptation Center is still in operation, but they do farm out some mod work to Trans Edge.
  2. If it's an electrical issue you sure have a lot of hunting to do, I'd check all your grounds, both chassis and engine grounds as well. Make sure there is no corrosion and you have good contact with the terminals.
  3. Best way to remove it is to unscrew the four t27 torx screws from the cover and pop it out by hand.
  4. The only truck that can come out of North America now is the LR, cabover.
  5. If you have rollover stability in the truck I would suggest you have it checked out.
  6. The computers in the truck are tied into acceleration when there is stability in the vehicle.
  7. Sorry, the triangular plate on the middle top of the dash.
  8. There could also be an issue with the spring brake inversion valve.
  9. Just saw this post. The 5th wheel solenoid is run through the VECU. You could switch the plug behind the switch with the neutral control, but you'd have to switch the wiring in the connector coming from the solenoid to the connector in the mono harness. I don't know where you'd have to repin it to though. Neutral control does not go through the VECU and is a standard connector on the cab harness.
  10. I'm pretty sure that a horsepower change is locked out for just anyone to change it.
  11. There should be a folded up piece of paper under the pie plate. The radio first would be under there. The plastic pouch may have fallen off the underside of the pie plate and may be laying inside.
  12. The trucks are built currently at the Australian plant as RHD. Awhile back there were 5 RHD cabs for GUs sent to the Mod Center in Macungie to have the trucks converted to RHD. The GUs were built online as LHD, then completely converted in the Mod Center using a combination of Australian and fabricated parts. The last truck in Macungie that came off the assembly line was an RB.
  13. The location in Florida is a parts distribution center PDC. There's also a PDC in Baltimore. Metalsa makes the actual frame rails.
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