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  1. Good Day Would like to purchase factory original paint for 2004 Mack cx613 Vision ( Bright Teal Metallic paint code # 49036PP ) Nortrux Mack Dealer in Alberta says not available, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Replaced AC high pressure , checked connection to ECM bled refrigerant , turned on A/C , replaced fan still wako
  3. Any help on this would be appreciated Previously clutch fan on my 2004 p460 was on all the time , i replaced with new one now its on and off constantly all the time i don't understand
  4. What it was was the faulty sensor , where the white goes into ended up to be cheap fix 56 bucks the manifold was fine i appreciate the input and help
  5. I have a steady flow of air leaking from here where the White wire goes in right above the foot pedal on a 2004 mack, what is this thank you for any help on this
  6. Why is a Mack 2004 P460 such a pig on fuel, when i have hired man behind the wheel noticeably better when I'm driving .
  7. Stock headlights on the 04 CX613 Vision suck big time, try ed the LED conversation bulbs they would burn out Napa got tired of replacing on warranty finally decided best we could do is the Extreme Bulbs work pretty good, here in the territory's light bars are legal, just need to remember not to use in Alberta
  8. Have same problem with 2004 P460 never have been able to figure it out occasionally comes on and off, mack had it fixed for a while then came back on , been that way a few years now we just ignore it
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