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  1. Found the problem bad wire on the sensor harness fixed all good now Thanks Wilbur an JoeH
  2. I've looked for the most obvious things it could be, loose wire broken wires bad board in dash but find nothing, any help would be appreciated where is sensor located
  3. Went back to the breaker panel in the dash all is good no breaker for tail lights there is a 20 amp fuse but its fine Still no tail lights i am stumped
  4. ok all try that appreciate the help i was thinking if there weak they pop
  5. Heavy Gunner when you say the breaker the one in the fuse box in dash board JoeH the tail fixtures them selves are new as well as the harness there not LED there factory original mack parts.
  6. Yes if the truck is shut off for a few hours , when you start it up u have tail lights for a short period of time then they go out again Everything else works as they should turn signals brake lights back up lights just the tail lights are funky.
  7. Afternoon JoeH check all grounds cleaned up still same issue. FJH when u say breaker u mean in the dash board all looked fine in there . When truck has been shut down for a few hours, and you start it up there on but shortly after they go back out .
  8. I'm stumped 2004 Vision CX613 Brake lights turn signals back up lights work as they should, but no tail lights. Ran the length of tractor from the front to the back looking for broken or corroded wires the rear harness going to tail lights looked bad so i changed it out , lights came on for a few minutes then Went Out Again all bulbs still good any ideas Thanks
  9. Good Day Would like to purchase factory original paint for 2004 Mack cx613 Vision ( Bright Teal Metallic paint code # 49036PP ) Nortrux Mack Dealer in Alberta says not available, any help would be appreciated.
  10. Replaced AC high pressure , checked connection to ECM bled refrigerant , turned on A/C , replaced fan still wako
  11. Any help on this would be appreciated Previously clutch fan on my 2004 p460 was on all the time , i replaced with new one now its on and off constantly all the time i don't understand
  12. What it was was the faulty sensor , where the white goes into ended up to be cheap fix 56 bucks the manifold was fine i appreciate the input and help
  13. I have a steady flow of air leaking from here where the White wire goes in right above the foot pedal on a 2004 mack, what is this thank you for any help on this
  14. Why is a Mack 2004 P460 such a pig on fuel, when i have hired man behind the wheel noticeably better when I'm driving .
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