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  1. Stock headlights on the 04 CX613 Vision suck big time, try ed the LED conversation bulbs they would burn out Napa got tired of replacing on warranty finally decided best we could do is the Extreme Bulbs work pretty good, here in the territory's light bars are legal, just need to remember not to use in Alberta
  2. Have same problem with 2004 P460 never have been able to figure it out occasionally comes on and off, mack had it fixed for a while then came back on , been that way a few years now we just ignore it
  3. Hello I have a 2004 CX613 powered by a P460 Started up truck this afternoon to warm up to head south and i notice the coolant temperature gauge is not showing the coolant warming up its idled up to 11 RPM like i would normally do, the air coming out of heater defrost seams normal when at 11 RPM , at these temperatures its -36 below i would need to get moving and the truck working to get real good heat in the cab. Is there a broken wire to the gauge . I have the front tarped in as i normally do in the winter.
  4. Was wondering what the engine temperature schould be ,

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