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  1. Yes its a heavier duty version of the Mride. There is one above this one pictures as well thats used on the planetary drive straight trucks that some of the south american companies order.
  2. Its actually a tri drive, no tag axle. I thouhgt it was an odd setup too. It does have the pogo stick with trailer cable and airlines. They have special clamps and mounts they use for transport. I doubt a customer would spec all that just for transport from the plant
  3. That's why I usually wait until i can out a $100 order together through summit, free shipping! When I say wait, I mean the 5 minutes it take me to find other stuff I "need" to get me to $100.
  4. The hood mirrors are optional. Normal round convex mirrors are what most get.
  5. The grease bank (grease jockey) is an option on all conventionals.
  6. And yet ford will sell everyone of them
  7. They torque limit them in the lower gears to save the transmission. You dont get the full 900 until like 3rd or 4th gear
  8. I heard that there will be some on the road soon.
  9. Unless the Lordstown facility is that out dated, I find it hard to believe it would take two years to retool that plant. It took ford slightly longer than a month to go from building the focus to sending the first test build of the ranger down the assembly line at Michigan Assembly.
  10. Wasn't it GM that said a few years ago when Ford was beating them with high fleet sales that fleet sales "were not a good business strategy"?
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