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  1. And yet ford will sell everyone of them
  2. You can still get a mack with spokes.
  3. They torque limit them in the lower gears to save the transmission. You dont get the full 900 until like 3rd or 4th gear
  4. I heard that there will be some on the road soon.
  5. Unless the Lordstown facility is that out dated, I find it hard to believe it would take two years to retool that plant. It took ford slightly longer than a month to go from building the focus to sending the first test build of the ranger down the assembly line at Michigan Assembly.
  6. Wasn't it GM that said a few years ago when Ford was beating them with high fleet sales that fleet sales "were not a good business strategy"?
  7. The article says axle housings at hagerstown, so I would assume its mack axles.
  8. I'm guessing that thing will easily be in the $20-30,000 range.
  9. Yes, they offer a premium interior with similar leather to the rawhide with wood grain dash inserts and pleated interior panels. Not sure what it is called nowadays though.
  10. Engine location is no different than on an "old" pinnacle.
  11. I guess I dont really understand the financial markets, but I don't understand how a company that is making healthy profits, can be valued so low and have their bond rating lowered. How tesla is valued higher than Ford and GM doesn't make sense either to me, when Tesla makes a fraction of vehicles compared to either company.
  12. Figured I would update this. I got the truck on the road last summer and have been driving it a bunch. I just put in a short throw shifter and make a knob out of an old bull dog my dad had.
  13. The problem isn't just the tariffs on imported materials, the domestic manufacturers are jacking up their prices as well. My uncle is a national sales manager for a large lift gate company and said that the U.S. steel manufacturers jacked up their rates when the tariffs were imposed since they don't have to compete with the lower priced import materials.
  14. They still make some with planetary axles and the simard front suspension. They are pretty much all south american exports though.
  15. You can get dual exhaust, no wood grain trim anymore on the interior.
  16. Thats not 100 % correct. 62T is a tandem with a tag axle ie 2 drive wheels, 6 total wheels. 64T is a tandem with two drive axles ie 4 drive wheels 6 total wheels. The T stands for tractor.
  17. I guess I dont really understand it completely, but how does a company that is making profits get its credit rating down graded?
  18. When I was still working at michigan assembly, I was told by an engineer that the first couple year would be basic, then there would be a full redesign around 2020 or 2021 that would include more powertrain options. That could have changed by now though.
  19. You dont need to remove the bumper, just the two upper chrome covers on the bumper. They snap in place.
  20. Talking to some people that work at LVO, they said that the Titan was discontinued because the MP10 couldn't meet the new emissions regulations.
  21. Made a lot of progress the last few months. Just need to get the seat done, and get it insured and plated and I'm gonna start driving it! I'll get the little things I have left done as I'm driving it.
  22. Things probably changed since I was there in 2014, but the frames were assembled by westport at a nearby facility to Macungie. I know they had said that metulsa supplied the frames previous to westport.
  23. I think that last little bit is the biggest news. I know my dad loves his maxitorques in his rigs.
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