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  1. Anyone know anything about McMahon Columbus? They bought Columbus Truck a few yrs ago, Columbus Truck was a joke. Lost of Mack guys around here avoided them at all costs.
  2. I'm considering a new Pinnacle 64T. Local, aggregate hauling, avg 7 loads,400-450 miles per day. All the guys I've talked to recently have had few, if any issues with new('15+) Mack's. Has Mack quality increased? Heard of & dealt with many Mack issues in the 2003-2010 yrs. There seems to be a ton of wiring harness issues on new ('15+) KW & Pete's. Seems like everyone around here is having problems. Is Mack having the wiring harness problems? I guess basically, talk me into or out of, buying one. lol. Any & all $.02 appreciated.
  3. I started out on R's, Superliners then CL. Dealt with the lovely new '04's, wiring nightmares & constant turbo failure, death wobbles from front ends, etc ,at a company I worked for. Now an O/O, (presently have a Coronado glider). From the majority I've talked to, Mack really hasn't much improved from the 04's. And the dealers still SUCK. Mack "seems" to have the emissions worked out, but the rest is still a crap shoot at best. Always liked Mack, the looks, interior, layout etc, but I really cannot see buying one with all the likely downtime and dealer BS. I was hoping for some positive feedback in general, but sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case for the most part.
  4. Put your salesmen hats on & sell me on why should I buy a 2016 Mack.The good , the bad and the ugly. Reliability? Service? Mpg ? Chu613, small bunk, local tank work.
  5. Why not do the emissions delete/ecm reprogram on the emissions motor? Your way seems to be way more expensive & a lot more hassle.
  6. Appreciate the info. Mack should have made this instead of the CL
  7. Anyone have any info on this ride? Or other pics. Hood looks about 6"+ longer than normal.This pic was taken in Colorado (not my pic)
  8. Is there anyone that does deletes? Or get a hold of the military/non US version ecm? Seems like those that do the tuning only do CAT or Cummins and occasionally Paccar.
  9. Exported to Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Another pic
  10. Found it here.. http://truckfax.blogspot.com/2010/11/update-on-new-mills-mack.html
  11. Outville Power Show, Outville OH on the way to the show...
  12. wow!! great pics of the wrecker!!!!

    where did you take them at???

    thanks for sharing

  13. Cought this beauty today. All I can say is WOW, it looked new!!
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