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  1. Ok got to post two pictures and now it won't let me again. What do I do? Lol
  2. Saw this pic on one of the tanker pages on Facebook. Not sure who took the picture.
  3. I don't really know what I'm doing lol, but I think I went to where you were talking about and it say I have lots of room. Now if I deleted pics from this file would it delete them from this post?
  4. Ok i just start posting pics and this pops up. what does this mean?
  5. And Snake just sold this last week. I don't know the guys name but think he lives in St Charles and is in the ATHS club
  6. I haven't been on here in a long time cause I keep forgetting my password and it logs me out all the time. I liked the old layout better. It would take me to long to explain everything about what's going on in the Chicago area construction, but let's just say you will be seeing even more junk trucks. When I started my business in '04 it was for construction. In the last few years I've branched off with other things but alway did construction for about 3 months in the summer. As of right now I sold my 1/4 frame and my belt trailer and pretty much done with construction. Lots of my fri
  7. A friend of mine told me they are coming out with a new CHU also. Idk when, but all he could do was confirm it and they can't talk about it.
  8. That is the place. It's at Laraway and Patterson across from Waste Management. The days are numbered there though. I guess they just rent the land from Waste Management and whenever Waste Management needs the land they will push us out. It's almost all contaminated dirt from the city and a solid flow of trucks keeps coming in the dump. We were originally told that this fall might be the last season for us to haul out of there, but now they are saying we should be able to for a couple more years.
  9. Meet this Superdog pulling a tank on 80 and Ridge Rd. It was an older gentleman driving and he kept up with the program. He zigded and zagged with Me around traffic and kept up doing 75mph. I see him pulling a flatbed now. Petermack knows the story of this truck.
  10. Got these pics of the Hager Superdog from my friend BJ. I told him I need some better ones, lol It's cool that he's pulling an Axle Trailer.
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