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  1. On the air dryer the AD-9 has a check valve in the bottom where the air line comes out. If it is not sealing it will let pressure out of the wet tank when the dryer purges causing the compressor to kick back on. This will cause the dryer to purge quite often.
  2. Currently trying to restore an A-30 need to find molding to go around windshield. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. we had some with 2090 9 speed, 2100 ten speed, 2120 12 speed some with a shift lever for the low hole and some with a air shift on the low hole. their was 2 different 10 speed models
  4. I really love the B model the best but the awesome E-9 was in the 70s 80s era
  5. we had one once with a fuller tranny that the rear output on the transmission was bent and caused a vibration that we liked to never found
  6. there is no fuel around the injector in the sleeve in the head so the fuel has to be coming from the lines. most likely the return line. if the brass washer on the bottom of the injector was not sealing it would be leaking compression.
  7. that is all you have to do is tee into the air bag line and run it to your gauge. we run gauges on all af our trucks and it will give you a pretty good idea of what your weight is. You need to weigh it with a load and see what the guage is reading then you will Know.
  8. I have a tip turbine setup and I thought they would bolt on but I did not know if they would clear the valve cover and taller head.
  9. Has anyone ever tried putting a tip turbine cooler on a 4 valve e6? I would like to put one in my b-61 sleeper cab
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