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    Hope to get an R model or some variation (DM, Superliner)
  1. What tranny does it have? I wanted to look in the cab but I didn't want to climb on his truck. I was able to peek inside the hood above the battery box, could tell it was a 6cyl. I do wish I could have seen/heard it run. Thanks, -Phillip
  2. Anyone know Sal C from NY with the red superliner? I saw his truck at the Mid America trucking show out in the parking lot. I was about to feel like my day was wasted because I hadn't seen a single superliner, but there this one sat, looking great. -Phillip
  3. That's what I thought it was, rust between the two frames. Is this correct???????? Sounds like the guy with the two macks has the right idea. Buy what you like, then save it 'till you wear out what you have now. -Phillip
  4. So it's just a very low first gear?? Okay, that's what I had originally thought, but I read something that I thought said otherwise. So an 8 speed with a low hole is still just an 8 speed, but has a very low first? Thanks, Phillip
  5. If someone buys a truck with axles lighter than what they need, can you install heavier axles and susension to legally increase the weight rating? What is the procedure for weight rating stickers to show the modification? Thanks, Phillip
  6. What did you like better about the RWs that today's offerings?? Don't get me wrong, I really like the older stuff just from a mechanical standpoint, but I am interested to hear why the drivers do or do not like the older stuff. -Phillip
  7. I hear a lot of guys talking about trannies with a "low hole". Are all low hole trannies, just whatever the tranny is, with a low range box added? So does any tranny with a "low hole" have twice the gears, or do some just have a particular low range?? Thanks, Phillip
  8. Great info. Was there ever an E-8? Was the E-9 mechanical to the end? Which of these engines were v-8 and which were I-6? Thanks, Phillip
  9. I have heard many times on this forum that if people could buy a 70's-80's-90's R model new again, they wouldn't even consider the current offerings. Those of you that are actually running the new stuff....say you could buy an 80's or so R model new again, would you really consider it over the current Macks? If the price was the same? If the price was 20% less than the current trucks? I'm really curious if what I have heard is just people talking, or if they really like the older stuff that much better. If it's true, why??? Thanks, Phillip
  10. What was the last year for the mechanical engines? What engines were made with the E7 and E9??? E6? What was the first year for the E7, E9, and which ever others were made with those two? Thanks, Phillip
  11. Thanks, but what I am really looking for is a source for brand new parts. Aren't there any catalogs for people redoing class 8 trucks? I just thought that if you could buy new parts for classic tractors, seems like you should be able to for classic road tractors also. Thanks, Phillip
  12. What year did the R model first commonly have an integrated A/C / heater system in the cab? Thanks, Phillip
  13. Could you guys help me out with a list of sources for parts needed to rebuild Rs and RWs? I know engine, suspension, drivetrain and brake parts can be had from most truck parts houses, but where can a guy go for gauges, moldings, interior parts, emblems, switches, trim, etc, etc????? Thanks, Phillip
  14. There are some things that are just very unfortunate. One of these is that Mack would take the best engine they ever had, and pitch it when EPA updates were needed rather than modify it to fit the rediculous laws. I too wonder if they sold the tooling for the E-9 to another company, or just sent it to scrap. -phillip
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