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  1. Rob who is PIA and how do I get a hold of them? Do you have the part number for the kit for the fuel transfer pump for a rotary type injection pump? My Mack dealer is worthless unless you want a part for a peace of sh-t Volvo. They don't have one parts man that was born before my trucks were built.
  2. The frame is about 12" under the cab,back to almost the rear ends, then it narrows down to about 10". Makes it look like a fish belly.
  3. A am glad I don't have a contour cab, it is already so tight that Mack put in a narrow buddy seat. I was looking at things this morning an noticed that the hood and fender panels are made of aluminum. Are the B67 and other short hood models that way? The guy that I got it from said that it would hardly run,and had no power. I noticed that they put an electric fuel pump just out side the tank. I am going to change the filters tomorrow and try to get it started. If that doesn't work do you guys think the injector pump needs a rebuild? Or is there something else to try?
  4. My B53 has bud style wheels, I think I would like to make them the same. I am out west and there is no one that will, or knows how to change them. It has a dog house and a fish belly frame, as far as I can tell all the same specs. as my B53 except for the short hood. Can any body confirm that the front hubs would be the same as a DM and does anyone have a set they might sell. I have a complete set or Mack rears on camel back springs with s cam brakes, that should make it ride better. I think I am going to find a roll back bed for it and make a hauler, so a better ride would be important.
  5. The B57 showed up this morning. I got to get rid of those wheels, any body got bud hubs for a Rockwell front end?
  6. I just pulled the bucket off for the pictures Thank's
  7. I checked the turbo on the donor engine this morning and it looks like it might fit
  8. Ya I planned on taking the nose off just to look at the engine. I don't have the 57 home yet but I will look at the engine in the 61 in the morning. I am done with all I can do to my B53 until it gets out of the paint shop. I did notice that the B57 is alot like my 53. It has s cam brakes and spoke wheels, beam over suspension, power steering, a quad and an aluminum step fuel tank. The title says it is a 1966
  9. Do you guys think that it uses the same exhaust manifold as a B61.
  10. Yesterday I bought a B57, I was looking for another parts truck for my B53 but when I looked at it, it's to good to part out (and sorta rare ). The question I have is if anyone has seen a B57 or a B67 with a turbo. The engine is supposed to be worn out, and I have a good 673 with a turbo out of a B61 parts truck. Will it fit? Also will it run tipped on it's side?
  11. B 53 power steering box

    Sorry Yes the pitman arm
  12. B 53 power steering box

    The ujoint and all other parts are tight the play is all in the box. As I said the wheel turns about 1/4 of a turn before the control arm moves (not that bad)
  13. B 53 power steering box

    You have me so scared I think I will just leave it alone, I can live with the play. I just thought that it was a good time to fix the slack while the fenders were off.
  14. B 53 power steering box

    I thing that Mack built the truck around this steering box, even with the hole nose off of the truck you can hardly see it and taking pictures of it is even more difficult. If you guys can help me with taking up the clearance between the rack and the sector I think that will make a difference.
  15. B 53 power steering box

    After a lot of checking and measuring I can't get to that area with the numbers unless I pull the engine and take the steering box out as the box mounts on the inside of the frame and the pitman shaft goes through the frame. From the stamping on the bottom of the box I believe it is a Sheppard, and from what I have read probably a model 49 came in this model Mack. After doing some searching I believe there is supposed to be play in the worm shaft to allow for the sensing valve to operate. If this is not correct please give me your opinion.