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    I work in construction/excavation, I love trucks!! I am currently working on a chassis swap for my B-61. I have the cab and hood installed on a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax engine, Allison transmission. It's not going to be a rat rod, but I want it to be fat, low and very cool!

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  1. Howdy!! I am in need of at least one door latch and striker for my Drivers side door. The latch prong on the door doesn't return to a down position when the handle is returned to its normal position, and the striker pad is worn almost to nothing. Can these parts be rebuilt, is there a spring that's broken or unhooked in the latch? What about the striker, can it be rebuilt or does it have to be replaced? I said at least one because the passenger door striker is really worn as well. But it still works, unlike the drivers side that will not keep the door closed. i apologize if these questions have been asked and answered, I did a search but was unable to come up with any acceptable solution. Much Thanks for all the help, Briscoe66
  2. I guess calling them "girls" was just a figure of speech, should have said "ladies!!" They're like 65-70!! Lol As for my B-61...We were doing a tire cleanup at a scrap yard in Delaware. They had a lot of nice old cars laying around, and one day when walking around with the owner, he asked if I saw anything that I liked. I told him I didn't see what I really wanted, an old B-61 Mack!! He said "we have one over here in the woods." 17 years earlier thus guy had broken down in his B-61 dump truck and while he was on the side of the road, DOT happened to come by. Well they did a full inspection and found a lot of red tag offenses and called the junk yard to come tow it. The driver said he would be there the next day to pay the tow bill and pick up his truck...he never showed up, ever!! So I bought the tandem dump for $1000.00, it had a decent, rust free cab that was pretty solid. I scrapped the dump body, sold the engine, Trans and rears, and scrapped the frame. Now I have a cab and hood and fenders. The next thing I bought was a 2005 Chevrolet 2500HD service truck from the Frederick County, MD government. Duramax diesel, Allison 1000 Trans, 4 X4 with 4 wheel disc brakes, anti-lock brakes, independent front suspension, and 140K miles. I sold the utility body off the back, sold the hood, fenders, and doors, and then went to work with my plasma cutter. I basically cut the cab off down to the floor boards. I figured that having a transmission hump would help a little in the leg room department since theses trucks are kinda cramped! I also left as much of the firewall as I could so I would still be able to use the brake pedal, master cylinder, booster, ALB module, accelerator pedal and HVAC. I then welded the Mack cab to the floor of the Chevrolet, after agonizing over the front wheel center-line. That was the locator for me, if the front wheel was centered in the fender well, then every thing else would land where ever. Before doing that I bought a set of wheel adapters from American Forge Wheels to mount 10 lug Alcoa 22.5 X 8.25 aluminum wheels with 255/70r22.5 Goodyears. I am now in the process of trying to order a custom radiator and inner cooler to fit in the grill opening. There are actually 5 different radiators/coolers in a Duramax...radiator, inner cooler, Trans cooler, a/c condenser, and a power steering cooler! Fun stuff!! I haven't decided what to do about a bed or whether to just make it look like a tractor with a fifth wheel. I wanted a modern driving B-61 with a diesel and I think I'm getting close. I'm trying to get the pics out of my laptop that show the mating process of a Mack and a Chevy, equaling a DuraMack, but these will have to do for now! Briscoe66
  3. Hello to everyone here on the forum! I've been learning and enjoying spending time on here and finally decided to officially join the club. My wife and I have an excavation and trucking company that employs 18-20 people, including drivers, equipment operators and the girls in the office. We currently have 8 Mack's, 3 KW's and one International (Lonestar). My current project is a B-61 that I'm turning in to a street cruiser. (More about it later) I look forward to learning more from the members here, and I hope I can contribute something to this community from the things I've learned over the last 25 years of being behind the wheel and underneath Mack trucks! Thanks, Briscoe T. (Briscoe66) Glen Burnie, MD
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