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    I work in construction/excavation, I love trucks!! I am currently working on a chassis swap for my B-61. I have the cab and hood installed on a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax engine, Allison transmission. It's not going to be a rat rod, but I want it to be fat, low and very cool!
  1. Howdy!! I am in need of at least one door latch and striker for my Drivers side door. The latch prong on the door doesn't return to a down position when the handle is returned to its normal position, and the striker pad is worn almost to nothing. Can these parts be rebuilt, is there a spring that's broken or unhooked in the latch? What about the striker, can it be rebuilt or does it have to be replaced? I said at least one because the passenger door striker is really worn as well. But it still works, unlike the drivers side that will not keep the door closed. i apologiz
  2. I guess calling them "girls" was just a figure of speech, should have said "ladies!!" They're like 65-70!! Lol As for my B-61...We were doing a tire cleanup at a scrap yard in Delaware. They had a lot of nice old cars laying around, and one day when walking around with the owner, he asked if I saw anything that I liked. I told him I didn't see what I really wanted, an old B-61 Mack!! He said "we have one over here in the woods." 17 years earlier thus guy had broken down in his B-61 dump truck and while he was on the side of the road, DOT happened to come by. Well they did a full inspe
  3. Hello to everyone here on the forum! I've been learning and enjoying spending time on here and finally decided to officially join the club. My wife and I have an excavation and trucking company that employs 18-20 people, including drivers, equipment operators and the girls in the office. We currently have 8 Mack's, 3 KW's and one International (Lonestar). My current project is a B-61 that I'm turning in to a street cruiser. (More about it later) I look forward to learning more from the members here, and I hope I can contribute something to this community from the things I'v
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