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  1. I copied spec sheets for you. They do not give housing thickness, but they do show minor differences, so they are not the same. Don't know where that 53 number came from. From what I've seen, unless you need certification for some reason, or if you are going to do some extreme heavy haul, I don't see a problem. (Now for the fine print, just my humble opinion, and you know what an opinion is worth ---- whatever you paid for it) doc075.pdf doc076.pdf
  2. Nice work Josh. Better pick it up a notch or two though, gonna get a little cool there in the sunshine shop.
  3. Tents are up, shop is cleaned up, banners are up and porta pots are out.
  4. The only registration is when you drive onto the field, no cost, very informal.
  5. Gerhart show Friday Sept 30 and Saturday Oct 1st. More info on Gerhart Machinery website.
  6. The Brockway used a Mack cab, so it's halfway there. The story that makes the most sense to me was there was a segment of truck business Mack was missing out on, the high horsepower over the road market. I heard that then CEO Hanson left his engineers know in no uncertain terms they needed to come up with an offering that went head to head in that 400 horsepower and up market, and would accommodate vender engine choices, so they answered with the Superliner. The basic configuration, a cab with an engine room out front, it is what it is. Not trying to rain on Brockway's parade, I too am sad to
  7. I've seen the pictures and heard the arguments, but you start with a big frontal opening, a big box over the engine, there's only so many ways to do it, is it really that much different than a GMC General or a 4300 International?
  8. Seen it before. Snagged this picture off the interweb back in 2006. I think too, it was well over 100k. looks like pics taken at same place
  9. Here's a couple pics taken while Bill Jarrell owned it to hold you over until Al get's back with more. More on my flickr page link below.
  10. Couple more. The lad on the ground with the B61 is me, In the mighty Ford F1000 picture, that's me behind the owner, Bob Fetters
  11. 30 years, 40 years, uhhh, nevermind
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