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  1. Looking at new truck do you think that Inter-lock diff and full locking diff are both necesssary on 66k tri axel dump truck? The dump truck has inter-lock dif, not full 4 locking diffs.
  2. Good evening to all, any pros or cons on International new hx615 dump 430hp navistar 17" brandon bed chalmer suspension steerable 13,200 tri/ax 20k front and 46k rear 66k gvw any info is appreciated
  3. Good evening to all, can some one explain the significance of the chassis ratings for a class 8 dump truck. Thanks. Class A (Highway) 90 Class B (Hwy/Mtn) 10 Class C (Off-Hwy) 00 Class D (Off-Road) 00
  4. The truck with a half filled fuel tank weights 23,080lbs, axel ratio 5.25/213 wheel base i think it can handle 17ton loads. Trying to keep price down and get a foot in the door without buying a beater. Thanks for responses, all are matters of consideration. 370 hp 6speed auto 20000fawr, 46000rawr 66000 gvwr 16' dump
  5. thanks tjc i have been leaning toward mack minimum 405-425 tri axe 16' dump (ox) or comparable
  6. 370 hp 6speed auto 20000fawr, 46000rawr 66000 gvwr 16' dump
  7. Good evening to all, safe travel...looking to purchase new 2019 dump truck, first new class8. Dealer is clamy what should i expect to be a fair discount off asking price of $140,000. Tandem axel, auto major brand. Thanks
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