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  1. Thank you everyone for all the information. Based upon some advice here, I ordered the book by Harvey Eckart. The book is very informative and truly describes the many different iterations of the C Series.
  2. Any info on the person in CT? I'm in NJ...........
  3. Hi everyone, I have been looking for some information as to the value of the C series Mack fire trucks, but I have found very little information. What is the general value of a running/driving/stopping truck? I realize that there is probably a huge range based on condition, but what is a ballpark number? With respect to trucks being sold, do C series trucks come to the market often or are they rarely for sale? Where is the best place to find the C series for sale? And last question...I promise is it simple to swap in a diesel engine as the parts for the 707 gas engine seem difficult to source? Thank you, Zack
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