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  1. Quick question about piston design. The truck dropped an exhaust valve and cracked a cylinder. I couldn’t afford a Mack cylinder kit, so I purchased an aftermarket one. Not mentioning the brand, but on the original piston there are two small reliefs molded in alignment with the exhaust valves. The new piston is flat with no reliefs. Every other dimension on the new piston is the same. My question is will it work, or will the exhaust valves strike the new piston?
  2. Okay, I've spent the past few hours searching the site with no luck. So if this has been asked and answered in the past, I apologize! I have a 2012 Pinnacle and am looking for compatible engine's that will fit this frame. I pull overweight, nothing extreme, 84K. The MP8 just doesn't have the muscle most of the time but the weight of the tractor is perfect for what I pull. Is there any pre-emission engines that would be a fit for this frame that wouldn't take an engineer to retrofit? Again, I apologize if this has been asked, but any help is appreciated.
  3. Thank you for the reply and the assistance.
  4. So after a $20K bull gear replacement expense I now have an issue with power. I'm leaning toward an injector and cup problem, but I'm not sure. The truck is a 2012 Mack Pinnacle MP8 with 560K miles. I have to hand prime the truck every morning to avoid the long cranking start times. Once it is started, it runs well at idle, but between 12 and 1400 rpm it feels like the truck is running over rumble strips and looses power. Once it's past 1400 RPM it smooths out and all is good. I pull 84K pound loads if that helps. I also get a "check fuel filter" warning on the display at times. It has also said there was a fuel restriction. I have gone through three different sets of fuel filters, finally purchasing Mack filters trying to fix this. I'm not sure where to look next, but from reading the posts here am leaning toward possible injector cup and injector issues. Might this be correct, or is there something I'm missing? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. It looks to me that this is a catch all clause to exempt them from ever paying a claim.
  6. The nut backed out from what I'm being told.
  7. The insurance company is Chicago based, so..... I feel like I'm getting screwed without the courtesy of a reach around!
  8. Warranty that was purchased is useless! Because the gears are held in place by a "fastener" they have denied coverage! Now the repair shop has given me an estimate of 20K+ for the repair. From the estimate it looks like all I would need is sleeves and pistons and I would have an in-frame overhaul. What is going on?
  9. Thanks for the info. The repair shop the truck is at said they pull the engine as well. I bought a warranty for the truck when I made the purchase and the shop is having to provide pics to satisfy them so it seems the process is moving really slow. The shop manager made suggestions of things he would do if it were "his" including pulling the pan and checking the mains and rod bearings, pulling the egr cooler to get to the oil pump for a flush, replace the oil filter housing....all I could see was $$$$ and lots of them.
  10. From reading, it looks like this was a problem with the 2012 Macks. There was a service bulletin Mack sent out back then for a patch to slow failure. It's part of the gear system at the rear of the engine that drives other components.
  11. Happy New Year Everyone! I have a 2012 Mack CXU13 and on 12/22/17 it appears that I had a bull gear failure. It rounded off the gears on the compressor and was making a lot of noise. It is currently at the shop, but I'm wondering what the procedure is to repair this. Does it require the engine to be pulled or can it be done the the transmission removed and still in frame? The repair facility is wanting to do several procedures that sound to me like lots of $$$$ and the shop boss keeps telling me this is a "major" repair. I understand the complexity of the repair, but they won't tell me what "major" means in dollars. Could someone help me out? Thanks in advance.
  12. Figured it out and fault code went away.
  13. Okay, I replaced the whole module along with new sensors. Is there a process to bleed the lines? Also, will the fault code clear by itself? Thank you for the help by the way, it is much appreciated!
  14. Am I looking in the right place?
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