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  1. Hey John could you elaborate a bit more on the Turbo mod please ? Direct bolt on ? Whats a ground fuel plate ?
  2. LTK, what in creation possessed you to convert to spoke hubs ! There is nothing good on earth about spoke hubs except possibly nostalgia... The genius engineer that invented the spoke hub should have he or she's nut sack removed with a butter knife because that's about how it feels when you're done doing a brake job on spoke hubs !
  3. Not a thing, I used the same bearing part number as were in the spoke hubs just used new Timken that’s it
  4. I finally started my hub pilot conversion, kind of had to as you will see in the pics lol... Anyway a few questions for anyone who has done it as I cant seem to get a concrete answer around here... My spoke hubs had the bearing spacers or washers that slide over the spindle and rest between the spindle shoulder and inner bearing, I was told both to use the spacer and not to use it UGH ! Here are my concerns, check out the pic there is clearly a huge difference in the offset of the bogeys, but will obviously equal out when I'm done, second, I wasn't overly thrilled with the short distance my Voyager seal slid onto the spindle shoulder but that said I've run the piss out of her for 2 days now and no leaking seal... Anyone who's been here please chime in ! I'll post the pics....
  5. JOJO !!! Kmon my friend is any amount of HP ever really "enough" !!! Kinda like "to much HP" That phrase is totally off the charts !
  6. Upon much research I have come down to these 2 hub numbers, HR605K obsolete new (non ABS) And the new number HR819K can someone confirm if these are the correct hubs for my truck... 88 RD 688S 18 front, maybe 20 I never figured out how to distinguish an 18 from a 20... Thanks !
  7. Thanks guys and thanks for the thumbs up Mackone... She's a good ole puppy she works daily in the summer and parked in the winter and gets well loved... Just dropped $4800 clams into the rear suspension jeeeesh !
  8. Have to agree with OldRed I just did mine and gained that 3" right back (44 rears) That said I have had 3 Camelback Macks and have never seen the springs "sag" I have had a broken pack leaf but never a sag.... I have had my 88 for 15 years and never changed a rear spring and are believed to be the original springs believe it or not ! Anyway if your insulators are shot again try this... Atro urethane bottoms and OEM rubber tops, urethane rides harsher but lasts 3X longer and using the rubber tops takes the shock out if your ride and wheel hop in certain situations and the tops support no weight.... Proven combination in my experience...
  9. Thanks guys both good ideas and I did cut a piece of black commercial grade black carpet a while back and it currently ain't too pretty... Problem with the upholstery shop thing is my rubber floor does not make a good stencil anymore and a new one is very pricy if you have priced one lately... The beauty of the "kit", I bought one from Mack like 20 years ago lol, the carpet is fully bound and you get the nice piece for the firewall, just my OCD....
  10. Search the Stengel Bros website, they have a company that makes super nice complete kits, not sure for DM but the list was long last I looked I'll be doing my RD this summer....
  11. Not certain but pretty sure, no audible leaks and they get changed quite often because I cant seem to get a compressor from Mack (3rd) that does not push oil through the system....
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