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  1. Never realized how much those Scot trucks resemble the Scania trucks from their Nordic neighbors.
  2. I've looked at a few CL's in my search for a V8, and all the dashes seemed to be falling apart.. loose fasteners etc... was there a durability issue or just abuse?
  3. I'm looking for the same item... Barry from Watts says no longer available..
  4. I have never been able to use the search function on this site with much success.... I get this message "Flood control... Please wait so many seconds"... and the results, if I ever get any, are not usually related. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  5. How long ago was that? In Brazil at least, they are running DPF's on all new trucks.... Lots of Volvo there, but no Macks... Macks are found in Chile and elsewhere.
  6. I saw this on South Dakota craigslist a while back for $1,000
  7. I have some very hip Brazilian Havaianas, everyone wears them to work in too... it'd take some time for me to get used to them. Hurts my toe crack. My mom calls them "tongs" .... silent 'h'... idk why... chinelo is what they call them in Brazil.
  8. One think I've never been able to understand is horsepower ratings... I used to drive a truck with 400 cummins same weight same hills as the E7-427hp that replaced it... what a joke. Either that 400 was actually a 600(which it wasn't) or the horsepower ratings on the newer electronic trucks was wildly exaggerated.
  9. Looks like a late 70's or early 80's r686... one intake is for turbo, the second is likely for the tip-turbine intercooler .
  10. We had a landfill nearby that ran fleet of smoking (puff puff) R-model roll offs.... when I was ten years old, I thought Mack was the only truck manufacturer on the planet.
  11. How about Steamtown Historic Sight? https://www.nps.gov/stea/index.htm
  12. Engine strong but because of automatic trans and emission rules, 1300 rpm at 90 km/h. When climbing shifting always too late and slow. Drops down to 1050 rpm, then shifts. At 1300 rpm 500 hp, and you seldom reach higher rpm. Old 14 l v8; 530 hp at 1500 rpm. Much faster with manual trans. I sold my 730 after 10 months John Hennige Eindhoven Norrd-Brabandt
  13. My Dutch trucker buddy says the 730 is rubbish.. transmission hunts constantly, never allows full power.
  14. I can't find the 1/8 inch rope.. do you have a link?
  15. Can you send a photo of your work? Is that rope easy to work with?
  16. I believe he's talking about 9 foot spreads on a three axle trailer. Allowed him to scale the weight with a single axle tractor.
  17. I was thinking that the problems with the VA were isolated to some depressed areas with high numbers of older vets, but I was surprised to find out from a chance meeting with a 45 y/o vet here in Pittsburgh that the VA is mostly a joke. G.P.'s revolve through that place monthly, tests get ordered that the VA can't provide, and going to a hospital that does have the capability usually means they aren't covered under VA insurance... I had no idea. Really a shame.
  18. What were the production numbers on the Bison and General trucks?
  19. I have a suggestion... try ramming some aluminum wire into the groove, tapping it in and around using a flat head screw driver. Could use copper too, but I think aluminum expands more than copper. Worth trying. In my experience, putty probably won't work.
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