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  1. 4-Guys 3000 Gallon Steel Epoxy Coated Water Tanker - 500 gallon per minute pump - (2) 2-1/2 fill valves - (1) 8" quick dump valve - (2) valves
  2. Looking for a 20' flatbed to put on a tandem truck. Other lengths may work, but would perfer a 20' bed. If you have anything that might work please give me a call thanks. 717-487-6681
  3. Thanks, reasonably priced parts are getting hard to find.
  4. It appears to be all factory married to a quad box.
  5. Its time replace my motor mount bushings and need to determine if I have the front trunnion type or the other style. It is in a 1965 B61 with a 711. How can I tell which ones I need? Thanks.
  6. Unless they are in really bad shape you would be surprised what you can do with some steel wool. I would recommend starting with that and see what you think.
  7. I hear that, I am loking into restoring B Model windows, glass and rubbers and think I will need to take out a second mortage. It takes some of the fun out of the hobby when it hits the pocket book so hard.
  8. Yeah I know, I was just hoping that someone had run across something on line in some sort of spread sheet format.
  9. I am looking for engine, transmission, chassis, etc. info on trucks after the B-model. Specifically info on RW's but interested in the gap between 1967 and 1993ish. Any leads or links would be helpful, thanks.
  10. They are nice running tractors.

  11. Good to know, has anyone else had issues with finding parts or have a good parts store they use?
  12. That is a damn nice 5020! the 20 series is definately the best looking of all the Deeres!

  13. What do you guys think of Rogers Trailers with walking beam suspensions? I am looking to use it as a hay and tractor hauler. It will not get used very hard, nor will it ever haul 25 tons. Attached is a photo of the type of suspension.
  14. Finally made time to post some pictures of the restoration process. As we get time we tinker.
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