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  1. I was at Sheehan's today, truck is in nice shape, real clean! dont forget the exchange rate right now is around 30% so you have more money(canadian) than you think! bobo
  2. bobo


    need a bunk, its going to a good home!
  3. bobo


    Deo truck is spoken for! but will let you know if deal falls through james
  4. bobo


    1989 RW713 E9 450, 18spd, camel back crdp92 442, 24.5 bfg on alum.*not tires in pics* Not installed on truck new exhaust manifold(ported/cleaned up), bolts, 560hp turbo, top end gaskets. just never got time to install. complete Volvo air ride with 411's go with truck, custom stereo, I run truck every day, need bunk truck and don't have room or funds to have it sit around. I will post more pic but for now check out my gallery $32,000us obo
  5. If you run that vin or any vin, with a different model number, you will get the listing of 2 total different trucks! im no expert but i know what camel back susp. looks like, and to me the frame web does not look tall enough to be a double frame.
  6. What am I missing? No where does the ad say "magnum" or "E9400" just sayn?!
  7. no its not a factory mount or visor Lunds are square not round faced, and attach to the cab(no bracket)
  8. bobo


    did he come from the country of niger?
  9. I have over 29,000 hour on my rb 460, front pump pto I seen them go well over 30+ hours, and when we droped pan to change they were like new!
  10. hey biffidun where are you from? that truck is local to me. it an ex-Rexdale disposel. my 2000 Rb has 970k if your not gonna be pulling a trailer thats all the motor you need, the rears are most likely 4.35, that is a very common spec for an Ontario roll off. my buddy looked at that truck and said its not too bad bobo
  11. haha... I can legally scale 39ton(us) on that 36' dump
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