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  1. Honest question , what would a B61 in the same configuration that's restored be worth/sell for? Like a current market value.
  2. Kill them. Our country is going to take the pansy pro Islam way to fix it though. Come to my house in CO and harass my family since they are former Military dependents and ill fix you.
  3. Just a update and a couple pics of my Mack we bought working around Denver. They did buy and have installed 10 red powder coated painted rims , I like that . Wish the whole truck was red. And a few pics of the Champ Truck race a while back here in Colorado. You couldn't ask for nicer people.
  4. We pulled the plastic junk coils off the Mack and put rubber ones on. MUCH better, all our trucks use those from the new Mack to the 2015 KW
  5. Whats the mileage and all on how often you should change the oil In the new MP8's? I want to make sure it gets in the shop as it needs to -
  6. Yep, I spent a lot of time on that truck and in that truck. I drove it from NC to CO in 3 days. SC should have been NC in his ad. Don't know how it got a 2nd owner in NC lol. it was 100% turn key when I sold it, I had MHC Kenworth do some of the work also. And we know its a 9 speed with the rear end re geared
  7. I was told all the movies cars were crushed after filming , its was Pontiac's rule. Not even a shift knob was saved. The KW lived, then got lost in time somewhere. Of course that's only in the info from the1st movie.
  8. Ive been through 2 fill ups at 150 gallons each and my DEF gauge has barely moved. With the MP8
  9. I had Western Dist. tow my Columbia and the set of 28' doubles behind it last month, one wrecker towed all that from the mountains down to Denver, about 60 miles and it was 450.00 , he pulled the drive shaft on the tractor and didn't charge extra.
  10. That's great, im going to try that out and see how it goes.
  11. Nuts, now I need to buy another antenna. Thanks for the info, is there an antenna that goes on the pass side mirror?
  12. Jim , I like it and I changed it to blue to match the Pinnacle today. When I key my hand mic the antenna warning comes on ? Is the antenna on the driver side mirror the one for the CB?
  13. Do you guys have any luck with the new Cobra 29 LX ? I bought one at Loves and asked the shop to install it in the new Mack.
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