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  1. Just heard from Tyson driver,truck is 445C,M-Drive OD,3:42 rears,8mpg
  2. bbigrig;Is the 13 OD a double OD?I talked to a Mack salesman up there that said you were getting better mpg with the 445C than the 445SE.Some fleets have told me that they're getting .5 better with the M-Drive.I need to test drive one to get better idea.Every one I talked to at truck stops down here loves the M-Drive.I'm running a 9200IH now with 13 double OD,3:55,ISX 525 hp,1850 in top gears.We are also looking at Freightliner.The Mack is several thousand cheaper which surprised me.Boss is trying to get a 4 year lease.Several fleets in central Iowa are running 445SE,M-Drive single OD and 2:64 rears.not sure on their mpg.I like your input.
  3. I am still working on this. I'm stuck with 2:64 single o.d. vs 2:64 direct.I talked to a Tyson driver that said he was getting 8mpg.He thought it was a direct because he passed me at 65 to 68mph and tach was at 1550rpm.He runs heavy,80000#.I would like to know how Tyson specs there Macks.I run 62 to 65 mph at 79000 95% of time I may be running 25000# in future.If Freightliner is using 2:50 12spd direct,how would the 2:54 m-drive do?
  4. Tire size will be 295/75 22.5.From your post it looks like direct will do the job.I think the M-Drive has a lower ratio on 1st gear.
  5. Super Dog:Dealer in Canada said his customers got better fuel with the 445C,but they run heavier than we do.Plan is to go through Mack leasing with 4yr trade cycle.Local dealer was looking at 3:08 single o.d.
  6. I'm cleaning up specs on new truck for dealer.I run midwest to southeast.62mph,dry van drop and hook,30% of loads are 79500#.Looking at 445hp with M-Drive.Would like to get 8mpg but 7.5 would be ok.3 gearings have been mentioned,2:66 with single o.d.,2:66 direct,3:08 with single o.d..Tyson driver is running 2:66 direct and getting 8mpg at 65mph.When I talked to him he was at 1550rpm's.That must be around 65 to 68mph.
  7. Spec on new truck.what make 5th wheel should I go with.Truck used regional,drop and hook,dry van.
  8. How much DEF does the 445hp MP8 use per mile?Roughly
  9. wonder how fuel mileage will be?
  10. For a 8mpg road truck I should go with 445C MP8 M-Drive direct,2:54 rears or maybe 2:66.I run 62 to 65 mph
  11. What is the sweet spot on the MP8 505 hp 2014? Is the 445hp the same?
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