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  1. I am in need of the exhaust brackets as well that mount to the frame for both sides if anyone has any. Thank you.
  2. Hello I has been recently looking to get a new front bumper for my superliner. I have an 18 inch texas style now. However I am looking to see if they sell 20 inch front bumpers for these trucks. I have looked everywhere and have found nothing. If anyone has any info, thank you.
  3. We had went out to macungie 2 years ago but haven’t made it back out there yet hoping to get there this year
  4. Thank you fellas can't beat the old Macks
  5. New to the group so figured I could share some of my trucks. My father and I have a small hauling business with some projects on the side. We have a 1986 superliner with an E9 400 and 2 1982 Superliners with E9 440 along with a 1986 R-Model we can say we are die hard Mack guys. Have always looked on the fourms and found any questions I had just never joined the group so thank you all!
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