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  1. anyone have wiring schematic have no power to dash cluster and no power to allison computer
  2. rd 688 headlight switch keeps failing lasts about a month its a rocker switch can turn lights on with momentary flash switch
  3. yes that's what I need like 65 inch long asked watts about it last year were going to have made like you said in brass have to call them again its for a U360 Brockway Thanks
  4. anyone know where to get center hood hinge for RD mack?
  5. 99 CL E7 460 no power no boost drive down road all of a sudden boost kicks in runs great could be up to a half hr sometimes less then goe's away no elec malfunction light changed boost preasure sensor
  6. at first when I started it up ran smooth till oil pressure got up to valves not long then started to miss again thats why i thought jakes
  7. 2001 E7 400 was running fine started to miss and backfire like jake stuck on remove wires to jakes still does it backed off on jake adjustment still missing removed external oil lines evened removed solenoids still missing
  8. got a western mack V8 12 speed it all a part starting to put back together for sale apart or together
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