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  1. for sale long island he wants 3,000 flatbed with winch clean truck original owner all books and manuals guys name randy 516-250-3857
  2. how collectable are the A model can get one for a good price want to get running and sell
  3. I just saw your r 700  on Instagram and was clickingaround the Web and saw it for sale last year. My question is do you still own it ? And if so is it still for sale. I used to have one like that .  Thanks for your time. 


  4. I'll have to check might have whole fan
  5. I have pump injectors and turbo to mack it a 400
  6. need torque specs 95 E7 427 flywheel torque specs
  7. working somewhere to day found new one on shelf part #691gc218cp6x you have to find out witch one you need got this one if it work for you
  8. pai sells them
  9. was going to eliminate top tank and pressurize system see what that does
  10. have 2002 e7 400 drive down road temp fine shut off truck hear air in water manifold starts pushing antifreeze from top tank to bottom fills comes out vent hole changed cap twice changed air compresser removed thermostat upper hose removed filled up with antifreeze took off belt ran truck no bubbles shut truck off had bubbles not many start truck back up no bubbles shut off no bubbles start stop a couple of times then got bubble when I shut off ??? should have bubbles if it was head gasket or hole in liner
  11. thanks
  12. V8 866 puff limiter has line from parking brake to valve other looks like its going to trans mack 12 speed ? where is cylinder mounted on injection pump ? also looking for pics where ac compressed is mounted?
  13. finishing up a few things heater is one of them having a hard time putting heater in when its 95 out
  14. 1979 mack R700 V8 866 375hp 12 speed with air low shift 44 camelback aluminum wheels $18,000 or make offer john 646-243-7455 looking for truck with V12
  15. looking for mack 44 rears neway air ride