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  1. r washer tank

    got a western mack V8 12 speed it all a part starting to put back together for sale apart or together
  2. r washer tank

    got the cover
  3. r washer tank

    yes sold it bought Superliner
  4. rw vent window felt

    thanks for numbers got them
  5. looking for part # for vent window felts
  6. need piece that goes in door for tank what would you call it trim piece
  7. looking for fuse arrangement 99 CL 713 no jake no crusie control
  8. is there nutserts in grill typo stainless held on by bull dog and 2 screws ???
  9. 88 superliner exhaust bracket

    got a guy local after holidays if not ill call thanks
  10. 44 hub pilot hubs

    looking for hub pilot hubs for 88 superliner
  11. got new toy 88 mack superliner E6 350 12 speed 44 camelback
  12. 88 superliner exhaust bracket

    yes drivers side you from the island right sold bumper the other day
  13. 88 superliner exhaust bracket

    88 superliner looking for exhaust bracket left side outboard add dual exhaust