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  1. Rob

    Engine stand

    You can get about 375hp out of those reliably but don't push more than that; in fact I'd limit to 350. Had several on generator sets and they can snap a crank with a hard load impressed upon them. It's a more robust design through the main saddles than the 5.9ltr, (360ci) engine and does fine when treated respectfully.
  2. Rob


    I'm used to burning the candle at both ends and not doing that was driving me "stir crazy". Had to find something to do. Retired in February of 2018 and sat idle for over a year before throwing in the towel on the new career path of being lazy. The job so far is not a "grind" and is quite easy, (for me) but having a shop full of trucks getting no use serves no purpose either. Starting to reconcile that into progress with this latest endeavor.
  3. Rob


    I dropped the frozen tail roller and fender mounts from the truck yesterday as it was raining and didn't have anything to do. Going to clean up the back end and reinstall most with new material. A buddy is going to bring me a three foot section of heavy wall oilfield pipe to make a new roller from: The steel fenders are beat to hell and won't clean up acceptably well so going to remove them also. Far too many scab welds holding them together for me. May replace with new but pulling a flatbed I won't require them anyways. When I find an RGN priced fairly it will have fenders on the neck so again the truck mounted types will not be required. Although the closed jaws of the 5th wheel measure acceptably, I still have some "slap" in the new kingpin on my dropdeck. I'm thinking the pins the jaws pivot around are worn so going to rebuild the 5th wheel correctly with new parts. Was adjusting the clutch yesterday and reached the end of adjustment so going to replace pretty quickly. I have a new unit and freshly machined flywheel with hindsight saying I should have changed them with the transmission a couple months ago..... If you remember I changed the transmission to ensure it was good being from a burnt truck and given to me. Now being proven sound, I'll pull it, change the clutch assembly and reinstall along with a two line wet kit I have at the ready. Once the wet kit is installed I'll probably convert the winch to hydraulic drive with "in cab" controls. From under the truck I noticed two holes in the cab I did not know were there from rust. Right where the bottom of the cab transitions from vertical to horizontal just to the passenger side of the rear cab mount. Can't repair it with all the winch apparatus installed so will build up another bare cab I have to replace this original. The company I'm working for runs very clean looking equipment. I'm probably going to refinish this truck staying white as it needs a repaint and some fiberglass work on the hood regardless. The doors will sport magnetic signs so I can rebrand the truck easily. Now finding rust and wanting to work the truck, I'll get a move on it. Thanks,
  4. Raining pretty good when I snapped the photo yesterday morning and the decal is obviously aged but it's fitting: The caption reads: When America is Bankrupt and Lady Liberty Falls, Who will the Democrats and Media Blame?
  5. Rob


    That is the way it is. I have both in place and have kept them current over the years. However I've not operated a large truck since exiting the car hauling business in 2005. Yes, I carry "hobby" insurance on the truck and commercial insurance is much greater cost. This is where they are willing to help. Just don't know how that would work given I would haul their product, and possibly some freelance work also. I do believe there would be more than 5K miles per year as both are running heavy and do run heavy about six months of a year.
  6. Rob


    They currently have two semi tractors and flatbed trailers. These along with a straight truck. Both tractors are licensed to 80K, the straight truck for 36K, and the temporary permits are $11.00 each time. They could use at times a third tractor and trailer, but the work is seasonal so really not an option citing cost(s). If I bring my tractor and trailer on they would be willing to support the expenses of the endeavor to lessen them overall for all parties. I don't know how long or many trips per year into the adjoining states at this writing. My Mack would be licensed for 80K also. They have 2001 International 9200i tractors and 48', and a 45' closed tandem composite trailers. Both are air ride. 72K is about what a trailer load is dependent upon moisture content. Never a problem with axle weight I've seen so far.
  7. Rob


    Good morning. I'm going to bring my R-612ST out of retirement and start using it seasonally, (at least) working with my current employer. If I baseplate in Illinois I'll be covered here. What do I need to do to run into Missouri, and Indiana also as their customer base is barely into both states? They currently purchase temporary permits but if I do this with my truck it will be best to apportion I'm thinking. Thanks, Rob
  8. Rob

    Mack A40

    Sounds like the same party I've dealt with before. Buy at auction and sell on ebay or elsewhere without ever seeing the item. Party I'm referencing is based in New York and has many ebay names. M.O. is the same in these instances.
  9. The toys and projects are fun for sure. Although I owe nobody nothing in this world I don't use family money to support my hobbies, nor the shop. Don't want to sell anything and don't want to do the retail business thing any longer so have to find a way to fund my fun. This part time profession will do that. Sounds nuts I'm sure but I'm that structured. If I can't fund it, I'll divest and not ready to do that yet.
  10. Oh. No it really is quite easy and only requires a timber to cross the truck frame for the neck to rest upon when detached from the trailer. Look on YouTube for videos and you'll see it's not difficult.
  11. What's that, replacing xmembers? Not that difficult really as once the jig is built up it goes pretty quick the way I do them. Expensive work to have done for sure.
  12. Going to make a road trip to look at a very close to free mechanical detach trailer next week. Needs xmembers but main beams appear to be sound. Had scrap prices been up it would have already been junked I'm told.
  13. I like this one just fine. It is quiet and runs well. I think the top cover is worn in the transmission being the root of my problem with it and going to be addressed when the white truck is back on the road in a couple weeks. Ther is some broken plastic on the dash and the park and emergency knob have been shored up with aluminum sheet behind the broken plastic. Air ride cab and suspension with new shocks all around so rides well too. Has good quality Firestone steer tires and Yokohama closed shoulder drives. No speed limiter and I'm told it will run almost 90mph.
  14. Forgot to snap photos but using all three of the "Donkey's" at times. Largest one is three wheel drive, has lift, side shift, scissor extension, fork positioners, and outriggers. Also will lift 5000# 10 feet high. Easy to load but there is a trick to them for sure to ensure they latch into their cradles. Nice as any lift can be carried on any trailer or truck they have as they all use the same cradle. 44.75 hours for the first part time work week..... Found the owner has a bit of hypocrisy however as he told me that was my truck and to treat it as such. Told him "Alright", I'll mount a bulldog on the hood tomorrow which was immediately overridden without further thought..... Having a bit of trouble adjusting to the FRO-15210 transmission however as it really likes to "scratch" gears in both up, and down shifting. Weirdest thing as after four days in the saddle I'm still not consistent. Getting better, but very slowly. Former driver says he always had the same trouble too. I'm going to adjust the clutch brake for better action too. It works, but not as I like them to. The transmission has less than 30k on it since a rebuild, but it's not known if the original was rebuilt, or a replacement unit was installed.
  15. Rob

    Bulldog mirror:

    No worries Vlad, get me a shipping address and I'll throw this one in a box to you for a spare glass should you ever need it.
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