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  1. All tanks I plan to use check good so onto fabricating mounting brackets. I ordered new brake hoses for the front axle in 3/8" size with 1/4" NPT fittings as original. Also have new type "12" brake chambers for the steer but replacement diaphragms too. This is the original size to the front brake axle. Type 30 were on the original drive axle and that is the same size as the replacement(s) but now have spring brakes so type 30/30 chambers. For the rear I'm stepping to 1/2" for all the hose connections that I don't reuse the original type "K" copper. The truck is longer now so some of the origin
  2. Hitch arrived today and I'm quite happy. Very heavy built and good welds. Maybe China built but it is "Titan" attachments out of Memphis, TN branded. Only thing I didn't like was no lock washers where the bottom pins thread into the weldment for retention. I installed grade 8 split lockwashers and blue Loctite on the threads so it's shouldn't vibrate loose.....
  3. Never really had a problem in my B-61 but after I purchased the R model I had problems on short order with that vent window frame. I too always rode with my hand on the lower mirror brace in the B-61 but usually hold the steering wheel in the R as the right hand is always on the shifter, or also on the steering wheel. Power steering I suppose and never really thought about it.
  4. Only problem I've ever had with the R model cab was catching my pinky finger on the left hand in the vent window frame twice over the years breaking the finger joint. That is one hurtin SOB too. The window frame is close to the steering wheel and manual steering exacerbated the issue. No complaints to the ride, room, visibility, or anything like that. The R model was built to be a working unit which it did admirably over the years. Only drove a single working R model that was on air ride and I didn't like it at all. 1986 model on Hendrickson, (I believe) in first a tractor, (dump trailer
  5. Also need to acquire new tank mounting brackets. The originals much like the donor are simple angle steel and are bent/rusted up warranting replacement and the original type mountings will not work with my skirted winch bed. All tanks need to tuck into the frame or be inside of frame rails as the bed has underbody tool boxes and measures out to be a tight fit.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. Never have taken this one out of the box but it has it's bracket and electrical plug included for mounting and connecting up. Truck never had a drier in the past and I really never had any problems over the years, (other than tanks rotting out) I drove it, but now with air ride and the ability to be a portable air source for tools, I'd like dry air. I have a new "Sharpe" 606A drier which is the type I used in the shop when operating and they work well as a point of use drier. Probably overkill with the second drier but I don't like rust in my air tools; some of
  7. I really don't know the differences between many of them except the AD-2 which is very tall and thin when compared to the others. I had several AD-4 series on my trucks and those are really the only ones I've messed with meaning routine service. This AD-9 was given to me by a friend whom retired and closed his shop. It is new but several years old.
  8. My wife learned long ago that bitching about anything I do falls on deaf ears so she quit with that nonsense. I've rebuilt carburetors, governors, and pumps on the kitchen table and boiled the same castings on the stove. This is the governor for my Hobart engine drive welder: She says it "stinks up the whole house" to where I just think it smells more "Natural". However, I will tell you she really does not like the smell of methylene chloride which excels at cleaning parts not containing rubber. You are correct in the submerging of an air receiver to check fo
  9. Going to install an air dryer when it goes back together. I have a good AD-9, and an AD-2 both freshly serviced. Also have several replacement cartridges for AD-4 series left over from my rollback/car carrier days. Which type air dryer is preferred and why? Thanks,
  10. New wet tank. I want to ensure all tanks are good before installing under the truck. This one is new in 2000 but never installed and shows the inlet check valve holding the pressure back for the past two days. It was charged via the Tu-Flow Bendix compressor discharge line of the B-61: Charged to 100psi, (indicated) on Thursday afternoon: A loss of 10psi over two days is probably acceptable but I can't ascertain where the leak would be with soap bubble solution. These tanks were less than a year old when the the truck had a cab fire. The rear rear is under my B-61 af
  11. Two minutes? Ted has STAMINA!!!!
  12. Yes, that does lessen the "dig" but the tractor is heavy on the front and the ground is still quite soft from the spring rains. It will improve as it dries up a bit. Thanks,
  13. Oh man, new blades on the deck coupled with adquate power to drive it and the cut is as good as you would get with a lawn tractor in your residence front yard. Extremely nice to be able to drop a gear to slow down for manipulating near structures and the PTO not stop turning too. Going to need to address the front end "dig" when turning however. Maybe lose the front weights on the tractor as the outer wheel in a turn will really cut a "trench" in the turf if not gradual enough. No slippage on the 35, (or so) degree ditch sides in front of the shop and tractor is very stable mowing these.
  14. One on the right looks like somebody should close the casket and be done with it.
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