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  1. What ratios are available for the 200 series rears
  2. I have both Lh and Rh brackets do you need y-pipe and s-pipe ?
  3. Bracket new y-pipe and s-pipe 750 + shipping
  4. Did you find your exhaust bracket if not I have a left one and the Y pipe and the left S pipe my# is 612-720-8805
  5. Are you still looking for air cleaner parts for an RW I have everything but the intake pipe and air cleaner I have all the brackets and reinforcing panels for inside the cowls
  6. The frame cut I have is from a 1988 rw that had 1/4 inch rails with a double frame a CL axle has a different spring spacing and only had 3 1/2 inch springs for a direct fit it needs to be from a RW or an MH
  7. I have a frame cut with axle springs hangers and both steering boxes with Budd hubs I'd like 1500. For it pm me if you're interested
  8. When you shim your liners they should be at least 2.5 thou anything under that you can have fire ring issues anything over about 4 thou you can have water seepage to the outside if you can't find the shims you need from Mack you should be able to get them from a PAI dealer
  9. Anyone have a Dupont or PPG paint code for Andes copper engine paint
  10. I can be reached at this email or my cell phone number is 612-720-8805
  11. I take it you're looking for an Lsr motor are you looking for a good engine or a good core
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