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  1. Where are you located and how much for neway
  2. Looking for mack etech 400, 427, 460 etech engine. from 2000 to 2002. Please contact if you have one.
  3. I have an 2002 cv713 with single exhaust. Does anyone in here have a parts diagram from mack that has the parts numbers on it so I can locate the driver's side original mack parts numbers for the brackets and exhaust pipes?
  4. 1987 Mack Triaxle for Sale 300 plus tip turbine Factory built 80000 gvw, pa inspection 2 stick 44 rears Hendrickson spring up Air down lift axle. A.c. works well 25000 tare Second owner
  5. Rockwell 20145 rears locking 3.21 ratio no suspension included. 45 minutes south of macungie
  6. Mack 4.64 ratio camelback rears and suspension. 45 minutes south of macungie. Post pictures soon
  7. I have entire front end from white 4000. Fiberglass fenders, butterfly good, and nose. 45 minutes south of macungie
  8. why is the forklift moving it?
  9. i have a six speed or 5 speed whatever youd like to call it twin stick in 87 mack im in pa
  10. what do you want for the heads and are they 2 or 4 valve?
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