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  1. Hi Gents I have a 1989 RD688 and want a cab. I have some good doors. Would anyone know what cabs will interchange and what years ? ? It looks like the rd690's cabs are the same and most all the RD years look the same..to me . Thanks
  2. Yes rotted out > I would like to change it .
  3. Hi Gents I'm starting work on a RD688s . I think its a 1989. It looks like the cab tilts ? If so how far does it tilt and what needs to be done first . And what is the best way to lift it ? I could probably use a good cab I am in Mo. The doors I have are good but the rest of it is rusty junk. Thanks
  4. still looking .S end a text 816 682-5466
  5. Id I cant get an RD I would think so . Shoot me a price . Let me know if you need an email.
  6. Hi Gents I need to add a fuel primer pump on my old Mack RD 688 . E6. Anyone have any good ideas on a way to do it ? Besides switching fuel pumps ? The fuel pump thats on it looks like it has a place for one but its just a blank hole. I wonder if i could drill a hole and tap it to accept a pump? TY
  7. 80's 90's should work . salvage title ok Got a truck Im building from parts call or text 816 682 5466
  8. Loses its prime when sitting then hard to start . The truck will start and idle and rev up fine but put it on the road and it dies. It also doesn't want to build rpms unless going downhill. It will restart after it dies and idle and run under no load. Changed fuel filters twice. The fuel is probably two years old but looks and smells ok. Where do I go from here? Thanks Gents.
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