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  1. AMT2017

    My new used Superliner

    That is what I figured but it was worth a try. If you ever change your mind let me know or if anyone else out there has any Superliner triaxle's for sale please let me know. Thank you!
  2. AMT2017

    My new used Superliner

    Looks great! We saw it at Gerharts and it really made our day. I don't suppose you would have any interest in selling it would you? We have 2 Superliner triaxle's now and would love to add a couple more!
  3. Hey guys, I am in need of a couple rims,lock rings and flanges for 11.00 R24 tires. They are off a 1990 RW713 Superliner dump. Thank you!! I am located in eastern PA.
  4. AMT2017

    Pinion Seal torque specs

    Thank you very much!! Yes, we have unfortunately had very little help from the dealer on a couple projects. We were hoping to find some books at Macungie but came up empty handed. Luckily we have this site or I don't know what I would do. Thank you again!!
  5. Good evening, I am going to be putting a new pinion seal in my 91 Superliner triaxle with Mack 44's and was wondering if anyone knew the correct torque? I asked the guy at the parts counter when I picked it up and he told me they have no specs for anything pre 2000. Thank you!
  6. AMT2017

    Superliner Triaxle

    Good evening. We may be looking to add another Superliner triaxle dump to our fleet if the right one came along. Anybody know of any out there? Thank you!
  7. AMT2017

    Superliner Front Axle

    Hi guys, we have a 91 RW 713 triaxle dump. It started life as a tractor. The conversion was already done when we got the truck. It has a light front axle and we are looking to replace it with a heavier one. Anybody out there got one they want to sell? Thank you!
  8. AMT2017

    New Guy PA

    Good evening, I have been a driver for 20 years and my family has decided to bite the bullet and start our own company. We are starting with 2 Superliner triaxle dumps. I have been reading the forum for years but now I am sure I will be using it a lot with all the knowledgeable people on here.

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