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  1. I got to know him a little bit ! he was a neat ole timer and if you stopped and had time he’d talk old trucks for hours they were all part of his company he said he built a lot of Rt 22 in that area and something to do with the state and money he just parked it all but nothing was for sale the few times I stopped . But a few did leave the past few years. Couple brockways and a steel dash R model with a v-8 Detroit in it it’s on you tube loading and leaving on a trailer he had lots of stuff planes too !
  2. Yeah wonder if him and gramp finished his u model ? i remember goblins tandem b dump
  3. Didn't he sell the truck ? i think I remember that could be wrong though
  4. Thank you ! im pretty excited cab corners rockers and floors are all good too ! I was so surprised to see it so nice ! the owner said if you come look you will buy it he cleaned it up 2 yrs ago to have as a spare and now he’s downsizing never had to put it to work it also has all new drums shoes bearings seals cams and bushings he said he did it like he was gonna have to use it everyday very nice guy
  5. It is a double frame in good shape can’t see it great in pics sorry
  6. Thanks for the info red horse ! its the 107 it’s my first r model guys keep telling me to put the 300 in it and the trxl107 not sure I will unless I don’t like it as is thanks for steering me in the right direction I really like this old truck people say I’m crazy for not getting a newer truck but I’ve always liked R models since I was a little guy
  7. I have found an 86 with 300 engine and 6 speed frame is broke spead badly I’m trying to buy it
  8. Yes was a tractor yrs ago I’m sure was sold new at lawerence Mack in mass nice older gent I got it from it was a spare for his buisness he said it was time to downsize and he didn’t like it sitting around
  9. Thank you sir ! i will for sure its in pretty good shape ! My first R model I looked for a while for a decent one I could afford the older gent I got it from did all new brakes drums s cams and bushings wheel bearings etc new wheels spacers rears are virgin case caps steers are brand new it runs and goes over the road good I'll post more when I bring it home next week
  10. 1968 R-685 237 5 speed going to put her to work ! Pretty decent ole dawg !
  11. Thank you for posting the date for Mack days looking forward to going.
  12. Anyone make it to the show ? Wanted to but couldn't
  13. We had great time heard over the pa 700 trucks at about 12:30 . Nice weather beautiful trucks and lots of nice folks to talk to and learn from . thank you everyone who worked so hard to put on the show and bring all the awesome trucks . Steve
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