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  1. oil is coming out of an air tank

    okay thanx
  2. oil is coming out of an air tank

    thnx for your I said i just bought the truck and I don't know when was the last time.....I will drain it for the next couple days and lets see what happen
  3. I drained the air tanks and out of one air tank came first water and after that oil and I'm talking about a pole of oil. Out of the wet tank was water first and it turn in to air....what can be the problem..air dryer? compressor piston rings? or something else....I just bought the truck and I don't know how long it was sitting still...its a 2005 rb 688
  4. 1988 Superliner

    please send me more pics.of the engine ,interior aswell
  5. Superliner Fleet

    hi there, I like to know if you still have your superliners I'm interested to purchase one of your superliners please let me e-mail or call 778-475-3934 thnx eric
  6. for sale on the Canadian left side

    I know the owner of the LT ..he is a good guy and has a passion for old trucks
  7. coastlogger

    hi everyone, just a question: does anybody knows if those superliner loggers are still for sale?? it was posted by coastlogger on jan 31 2016. I tried everything to contact him but he never get back to me. I found out his company is spirit lake contracting at parksville,BC on Vancouver island. even if I google there is no phone number what shows up! Eric
  8. do still have superliner for sale? if so let me know. my e-mail is

    send me pics and all info if you still have a mack for sale



  9. Superliner Loggers

    what are you asking for the black superliner? and can you give all the specs of this truck as well. thnx Eric
  10. R-model Mack

    thank you guys..I will check it out!
  11. R-model Mack

    I'm looking for a R-model Mack T/A Fair condition with a MVI! pto wet line would be nice! I live in BC,Canada Thnx for watching this add Eric
  12. IMAG0238.jpg

    omg...this dog is totally awesome.....if you ever think to sell it please let me know,cuz this exactly what I'm looking for....thnx for sharing anyways!
  13. Thanks for the information..I will check it out.
  14. I'm looking for an old r-model mack 1979 to 1989 in pretty good shape...with sleeper and mvi ready to put on the road!
  15. mack....pepe la pew vision