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  1. My Superliner is spec'd: E9-500, RTX15715, 44K cast steel housings, 4.64, double frame.!! Purchased new in the spring of 1989 @ South Kentucky Mack truck sales in Somerset, KY. Showing 150K miles and still sporting all original paint.
  2. Been a while since I posted so I thought ya'll needed to know I still own it. Hauling my 700K this week. My Super Liner and me are celebrating 30 years together.!
  3. I love the way it looks.! I thought about cutting the hood on my dump truck to fit, but, I just don't see this grill being able to take a shot from a rock or even a sparrow for that matter..! And when it does get that rock or bird, will I be able to get another one.? If not, there's a screwed up hood. So, I sent mine back.
  4. True that on quality. Mack dealer in Nashville said no longer available. I wish somebody would make a flat, polished SS grill similar to the RS models but the proper width for the standard R.
  5. Been wanting a chrome grill for my two Rs. Finally two different sellers on eBay listed plastic ones. The seller in Canada was a $100 less. Both sellers were using part #6MF519P2. I got the one from Canada and it was not even close to fitting the grill opening in the hood on my '73, '79 or '89 Rs. It is too wide. They've OK'd a return and now have the grill listed as fitting an F Model. Can anybody help sort this out or better yet, does anybody have an R Model grill?
  6. I been thinking about this truck all summer. Pulled the trigger today and it is now sitting at Myhouse, TN..!
  7. I searched for a couple good USPS tractors to make counterweight toters. I found the single axle in Denver and the tandem in Sioux Falls, S.D. Me and my guys love driving these trucks. Easy to get in and out of. Automatics with air ride and air starters.
  8. When my Mom passed away in Feb. this year, I got her 2013 F150. That makes four red Fords in my garage..!!
  9. I like your truck. My first Mack was a '67 R-Model. I can't figger out the jig saw puzzle welded together on the passenger door..!! WTH is up with that..!?! 237 with a 5 speed combo moved millions of tons of cargo in this country.!
  10. This hood was removed from a DM I used to own. Left front tire blew and busted the LF fender. Just hate to see it buried in a land fill if someone can use it.
  11. I meant later than the E6 and E9 that I consider to be great engines.
  12. When shopping for a used Mack I know practically every E-6 and E-9 are dependable engines. But as my tire kicking might have me looking at later year models, I'm asking for opinions on which Mack engine should be avoided like the plague..?!?
  13. The phone number with the ad puts this truck in Montana...! Too far for me..!
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