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  1. do still have superliner for sale? if so let me know. my e-mail is ericverlaek@hotmail.com

    send me pics and all info if you still have a mack for sale



    1. eric the dutch

      eric the dutch

      or call 778-475-3934

      my e-mail... ericverlaek@hotmail.com

  2. Pending deal finances fell thru still available reddogs.
  3. After some hard battles health issues forces my hand into selling my fleet of superliner loggers. There is 4 complete rigged trucks one near complete parts truck and more spare parts engines diffs and body parts than mack has inventory of.If your looking at a newer used logger consider this,you get 4 completely rigged with a fith for parts and then some,you have no computers no egr issues and you dont have to stop and put dec fluid in it....simple e9 500 hp and then some in all of them.... every truck has been completely gone thru painted polished in the last two years,and have had O down time
  4. Baxter shifting gears into another line of work after 30yrs....moving to warmer climate @ a desk job.... Super delivery can be arranged
  5. Just testing the waters,3 superliner loggers custom built recent freshened. All have 500+ e9's,12spd,9spd,9+4spd,custom paint,bullboards... jeep loggers with triaxle wagons fresh government certifications,all new super single fronts,new or newer tires on all axles....prefer to keep together sell as a package. Sale will include spare parts cabs x2,enginesx2,diffsx4,housings x4,hoods x3,rads+intercoolers,sleepers,anything these trucks need i have doubles and triples of..... also included is 1 currently rigged as gravel truck 89 superliner air ride on budds 500 e9 15spd ready to roll as gravel or
  6. Ive got a superliner im going to tridrive also...... just curious if you put the 3rd infront or behind the originals if you stretched the frame out and what ur axle ctr to ctr is? Thanks
  7. I have tried to re glass this area a few times i have found that if you put a short mack mudflap behind after the repair and drill thru the hinge plate and use carriage type bolts it works much better to hold it together....check my pictures out to see how they are put in on blue trucks.also it stops road spray from coming out and covering the bumper...
  8. We haul 60,000.kg and thanks for the compliments baxter
  9. 8 months and alot of blood sweat and kissin cash goodbye lol
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