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  1. Anybody have a Mack 18 speed they would sell?
  2. 2007 Mack Rawide. 460 Eaton 13 speed. Mack 3.94 Rears. New Motor thru Mack have all the Paperwork on it still under warranty. 750K miles. If interested call 704-473-9628 $26,500.00
  3. Installation looks simple and its fairly priced. Has anyone bought this and run it yet? Will you gain any MPG??
  4. I have an 07 Rawhide that I want to do an EGR Delete on. Is there anybody out there that does it still? I called a couple places and alot of them told me that they only had the software to do MP7 and 8s.
  5. Do you have any part numbers on them injectors? Or can i change the tips on the ones i have? Thanks for the help Miller
  6. Do you know where I could get the ECM reprogrammed besides Mack and how much it would cost?
  7. I had a driver put a rod through the block on my Etech 460. I have in the barn a E7 Etech 300 that came out of a garbage truck. I know I have to pull the cam and reset the timing but I'm just looking to get the truck back on the road with the engine I have. My question is what is the highest HP that I can bump the 300 to without having to change turbo, injectors, and cam just by getting the ECM reprogrammed? Also where can I get the ECM reprogrammed and how much without having to go through Mack? Thanks C. Miller
  8. It had an E9. 11r24.5 tires. There are no rust issues its been in NC most of its life.
  9. Truck has no engine. It has a Mack ten Speed and 3.65 rears. All aluminum wheels and a wet kit. $3500 Call if interested 704-473-9628
  10. I called about this truck back in the fall. Owner said he painted it that way and I believe he said he put newer eaton rears and suspension under it when they stretched it.
  11. I just rebuilt a 12.7 detroit and I had the pistons, wrist pins, rod and main bearings coated for $400.00 at H and M Elliot in Mooresville, NC. (704)-663-8226. They can ceramic coat your stock exhaust for nearly nothing. I also had them ceramic coat my entire inframe kit, intake and exhaust manifolds on my etech 380 for $850.00. That etech is a 355/380 stock and by just coating the pistons and everything else gave it about 75 horsepower. The ceramic coated 380 will hang with my stock etech 460.
  12. There is no rust. It's a clean southern truck. It has been in NC its whole life.
  13. I have a 1985 Mack Superliner for sale. Even though it is a 1985 model it has a 1997 R cab and a Kenworth aerodyne sleeper on it because the truck was laid over in '97 and we put a new cab and different sleeper on it. It has a clean title NOT a rebuilt title. It had an E9 but I took it out for something else. It has a remack 2100 "Ten Speed" in it and has 3.65 rears with the three leaf style suspension. The transmission and rears are still in good shape and were working fine when i pulled the motor out. Truck also has a wet line on it. Located in NC. $4,500.00 OBO If interested PM me or call me 704-473-9628.
  14. No I have it sitting in my shop.
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