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  1. We did it, and it was worth every penny! In my area the VGT Turbos are $2400 alone, plus labor and down time....had about $4k in the entire deal. It's not easy but it can be done. Fjh is correct, ECU and wiring harness need to be changed along with cab ECU. Get a schematic from an 02 and from your 04 and study it. You'll also need manifold and turbo and I highly recommend NOT using the old Detroit style turbo that some of the diesel shops push. They will bolt right up but the torque curve is not the same so the turbo winds up later in the torque curve on the Mack, thus it has little to no power. The $800 price tag + no core is appealing but it won't work as well. Find a buddy willing to give you a junk turbo for a core and get the OEM Mack one to put on it.
  2. One of my E9s is 18spd w/3.90s and stand up 24.5s. 75 is about all you can stand bc the straight pipes are singing pretty loud and I'm not as young as I once was. Im from SlowHIO so majority of our speed limits is 60mph. Few stretches of 70mph (other than the interstates) but not all of it.
  3. Brother deleted an 05 that sounds very similar to this one. It's not easy to say the least, but it can be done with a lot of time and patience. To be 100% honest, I'll have to reference notes, but I'm thinking you'll have to switch three of the wire harness pins for the ECU...rest of it is plug n play, but a lot of it. We had a 01 donor truck that we robbed the ECU, cab controller, complete wire harness, manifold, fan and air to air. We're old school and like the forward air to air and bullet proof fan. After two EGR coolers and 3 turbos in one year, figured it was time to do something so we got the schematics out and started crossing everything. Engine has around 100k since we did it and so far so good. We have have a couple 13s and several 18s and we love them. Knock on wood, we haven't had many problems out of Mack trans, typically can get a million miles out of them pretty easy. I'd think you'd be ok with the 3.90s at 70mph.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this idea! We had an '01 CH613 w/460XT and 18spd catch fire in the parking lot one night and I hate to part the thing out so brother and I were just having this same exact conversation last week. I don't have anything to loose but time and money in a cab and hood. Regardless we have to buy a cab and hood so what the heck. I'll post pics when we get started...
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