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  1. Still looking, wanting a superliner 2 day cab or sleeper
  2. Bad news, as the B/S grows with trucking company’s now having trucks that old is not allowed,”to old to lease on” looks like I’ll have to figure something else out
  3. Ok, not going to be to picky, what is out there? Forget the years
  4. ISO 1991 to 1993 superliner, would like single frame and air ride, engine and trans don’t matter. I don’t really want heavy specs the lighter the better
  5. I called on this truck 2 years ago...... its long gone, sorry
  6. I do have a set of duals that I could put on if that would make it more appealing, Bridgestone's with about 30% To 50% of life left, aluminum outside steel inside
  7. Eaten super 10 rebuilt last year 2015. New gears and bearings, everything in trans. New clutch, resurfaced flywheel , u joints, carrier bearing.
  8. I know they can be a turn off but they sure make it right nice, and not too bad in the ice and snow
  9. 2000 CH 613, 460 each tech,cruise, Jake's, air ride,200 inch wheelbase,530,000 miles New- turbo, injectors, air compressor, clutch, airbags, leveling valve, fifth wheel, all new in last 30,000 miles including Firestone steer tires and Michelin X one drive tires. Great running and driving truck! $25000.00 obo call Chris 513-617-8992
  10. Cool love to see, I thought I read somewhere that a superliner is 120 inches from front of hood to back of cab which is 8 inches longer than the CH, rough guess. I haven't been on here for a while because of a little conflict at work, I need a sleeper truck now instead of a day cab! Now don't know what to do.
  11. It's a tractor, CH613, 200 inch wheel base, air ride, lightweight specs. It's a nice light truck, good for big pay load. That's why I thought it would be cool to convert. It makes me wonder if the R cab and rw hood are lighter than the CH? I also know about the RD cab with the air cleaner intake, I'd just cut out the hood or change the cowl. I already have an idea for the cab mounting, just curious about radiator/air to air fitting in the Superliner hood. No Superliner || around to get dimensions.
  12. Actually looking to put it all together over the next year and do the swap next winter. Since asphalt is seasonal during the summer months I figured be a good time to flirt with the idea
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