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  1. I figured he was beating on it. Now I have to apologize.
  2. Driver said he heard nothing. Just Hamed in 4th gear. He tried to put the second stick in reverse to get it out but it was locked up.
  3. Found a RR13 single over for $1200. Comes with air shift pto.
  4. I only have a 6 speed. The shift fork is only available after market. It's $500. The main shafts is $1300. I can buy the 13speed single over drive for $1300. I would love to have a mack 12 speed but they are getting hard to come by. The other reason is lack of time to tear it down. I need to get back on the road. We started hauling Ag lime this week.
  5. Shaft is broken. Looks like it's time to find an overdrive Trans for the truck. Thinking an 8ll or a 13speed. Don't know what would work best with the 3.87 rears.
  6. That was on the 12 speed. I think the main box is the same isn't it?
  7. I've done some searching on this site. Found a couple post on the forks being replaced without removing the transmission. It said there are plugs in the back housing for the rails to slide out. Does that sound right?
  8. Is it the rear mount pump or side mount? Reminds me of the 007 kenworth.
  9. Nice! How fast will it run with the 3.87s? The steering wheel looks perfect. I've never seen one not all cracked.
  10. Took the shift cover off today, near as I can tell the shift fork for 4th and 5th is shattered. How does that happen?
  11. Thanks for the replys. I can't get back to it till this weekend. But I'll let everyone know what I find.
  12. I lost 4th and 5th gear on my mack 6speed today. Driver got shifter stuck in 3rd gear so I removed cover and got it back to where it belongs. Now I don't have 4th or 5th. Any ideas. It is the 2 stick 6 speed. Gears 1,2,and 3 shift fine.
  13. This all started after head gasket was replaced. The muffler is a free flow. Could. The valves be out of adjustment? The dynatard? The dynatard isn't hooked up.
  14. So I just got my RS back from the shop for the 3rd time... I can't seem to keep exhaust gaskets in it. If I run 2000rpm for any amount of time it blows the gasket. I'm also blowing fuel past the injectors all over the top of the heads. Thought it was the injectors coming apart so I replaced them. The new ones did the same thing. It even ovaled the copper spacers. Any ideas?
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