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  1. On truck 2 we had the issue and it was cracked head port which would allow intake air from turbo to pressurize coolant system. coolant never leaked back tho when it was stopped. Heads got checked for cracks was how they found it after we did so much other stuff
  2. Had the peanuts in the power divider giving us grief and clunking. If we engaged the power divider it wouldn't do it anymore. 46000 mack rears airride
  3. Glensts

    E7 eng brake

    I think my 95 and 97s are terrible. Have the butterfly in the exhaust too which helps as the Jake isn't much help
  4. Glensts

    mack axles swap from spoke to hub pilot

    I did my 95 Mack, it had eaton rears and Mack front axle. I was able to get the rears from a truck parts shop but the Mack front I had to get from Mack. I couldn't find any at a wrecker. Prices weren't that bad but I'm not sure what the rear mack ones will cost. In fact I can't remember what I paid for any of them now. The bearings took some figuring out and a good old parts man came too my rescue as numbers changed a bit. I jumped to 24.5 from 22.5 as well and now all my trucks and trailers have the same tire size which is what I wanted.
  5. Glensts

    Shake that THING!

    We've had issues with vibration at 55 mph and king pins and bushings are wore. Sometimes we can change front tires side to side and it goes away.
  6. Glensts

    E7-427 Failed Engine

    A drop in 427 from Mack cost me $12000 canadian. This was quite a few years ago. With labor and extras it was pushing $18000. Maybe cheaper in the States but it'll be up there.
  7. Glensts

    Window washer not working

    on the 97's the relay and fuse panel is under the dash in front of the passenger seat. Not sure if the 2003's are still there or not
  8. Glensts

    Window washer not working

    The clicking is probably the relay, I have had to replace the motor pump assemblies before. Easy job on my 1997 Ch's so should be the same as yours. You could always put a test light on the wiring when you unhook from the motor and get someone to push the button. The pump is attached to the washer fluid reservoir.
  9. Glensts

    vmac to mechanical conversion

    I have a 1995 ch with the electronic 350 and a 9 speed and I think it is great. Purchased it when it was about 5 years old. First thing we did was pull the injectors and pump. The injectors were wore and this really spruced it up. The engine now has 22000 hours and 1,400,000 km. I added a turbo boost gauge as well and maximum pressure for it is about 26 lbs in the cold weather. I have 2 other ch's with 427's and one with a 454. We drag raced the 350 and the 427 each hauling tandem loads of grain in the field and they stay side by side until you get to the last couple gears so I see no reason why it should feel doggy. Also I've never seen my pyro over 900 degrees ever on the 350 Hoping this helps you a bit Glen
  10. Glensts

    How much boost?

    My Electronic 95 350 makes 20 lbs boost. My 97 427's make 28-33 lbs of boost. I thought 20 was low too but it is the specs of Mack and it pulls great. Service manager gave me the specs as we thought we had issues as well. Gauges arent all they are cracked up to be either, I'd check gauge and see what specs are before trying anything else.
  11. Glensts

    door maple leafs

    This is different style. Was there more than one? http://m.ebay.ca/itm/221246183438?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE Hope this works as I'm not to familiar with mobile app
  12. Glensts

    1959 B61 show truck for sale

    Well he only lives a couple hours from me. Would love to see it
  13. Glensts

    End of dipstick gone !

    Had that happen on a 300+ years ago, Put a new dipstick in and never got the peice out until we pulled the pan a couple years later to do a bearing roll
  14. I had an 84 2 valve and an 87 4 valve, both 350's. I always thought the 4 valve pulled harder.
  15. When the peanuts were wore on my 46000 diff's they would snap and jump like missing a cog under heavy load. You could feel it all the way through the stick shift. If I engaged the power divider switch this went away. I always wondered if it was caused by front and rear axle tires being new or wore out and not all the same tread depth

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