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  1. Update: The truck completed a parked regen and then both the regen message and 5mph def message were gone. I plugged the speed sensor back in and drove it down the road and all seems well, derate is gone, back to full power. Should I just chalk this up to the truck needing a good regen?
  2. Hi all. I recently bought a 2014 Pinnacle day cab with the MP8 and Mdrive. Yesterday while pulling a load I got 2 messages simultaneously on the info screen. One said “low DEF quality detected, derate soon” and the other said “parked regen needed”. Eventually the truck derated and said “Service DEF, 5mph limit next vehicle stop”. I had to get home so I unplugged the speed sensor on the trans and limped it home. Now today I used the blue button to force a regen which the truck is currently doing. My question is, could the def error be caused by a regen needing to be performed? If not, what actions could I take to resolve the “poor def quality” and “service def” issues. The def in the tank is new and clean and I believe the filter has been changed recently. Thanks
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