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  1. Hey guys I’m selling my Bristol Donald dump body for my autocar I want to make it a tractor I worked everyday with this dump body I’m located in central New Jersey I’m looking to get $4000 obo for the body, pistons, and hydraulic tank it’s a 15ft body all pistons are good newly repacked please call for info and leave message 7329397494
  2. Thank you I just got all new o rings for the shifter and it still does it so where is the shift cylinder located on the trans
  3. Hey guys my Mack 12 speed will not shift into high on the splitter I’ve gone through the air lines and and everything is good but when I put it in high on the splitter air just shoots out of the exhaust port. Any help is appreciated
  4. Hey guys I have a 1971 autocar dump truck and I want to convert the wipers from air to electric is there any specific electric wiper motor I can buy any help is appreciated thanks
  5. Thanks for the help guys I found one on ebay
  6. Hey guys does anyone have the bracket that the bulldog mounts to that mounts to the radiator on the steel nose Mack like the dm
  7. The truck has an NTO 262 cummins that doesn't run but it turns over. And the trans is a 7x3. The truck is free because I got it for free also the truck has a good California title please call 7329397494 if I don't answer please leave a message. price of truck: free
  8. Ok thanks I'll call him tomorrow
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