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  1. Our co couldn't make money with a liquor store
  2. I was round tripping dirt out and stone in and wasn't on there butt but kept up with the broker trucks 11 loads stone 11 loads 3/4
  3. I know like when we first got it and took it for injectors and the"tech" came out with his laptop and asked me where u plug in and I told him his butt lol
  4. Got the pics to post with the RD and flatbed hauling trench boxes from addison
  5. Boss will love to hear that I can hear him now well how come that happened I don't know its 29 years old lol
  6. When unhooked from the trailer my RD shoots air out the service line when foot pedal is stepped on that means the tractor protection valve iui s bad correct
  7. So 600 -630 on 355 so going to 80 saw one of stork Mack's Pete's coming up on me (I'm in the 6 wheeler and tag with skid and breaker )passed me empty nice ride
  8. I was just wondering about mechanical and or electronic if you could get both lol
  9. Does any body know or have seen a electronic superliner or were they mechanical
  10. H j morh is gone damn. But I see oremus is back in business
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