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  1. Ok nice I thought those were cat was thought the numbers meant something
  2. How popular and were there many cat powered superliners.did a mack trans bolt up to them.and what series and hp were they
  3. Oh man those auctions can be fickle.when we were farming we bought a 730 case at Newark truck and tractor. Cousin liked it all painted up nice .got it home and went to plant with it no hydraulics pump was out
  4. Lol yea I thought maybe just like a maxidyne emblem lamo
  5. No your not I thought they were all just steel but our mechanic says there stainless
  6. Wanted get some new left and right hand tread lugnuts for the RD .I called 6 places no one has any in stainless steel. There like finding chicken lips lol
  7. If the wheels aren't turning iui t ain't earning lol
  8. I hound them on pm sometimes it's like talking to an anvil
  9. Yea that's true.just got mad that u.joint went out I keep.it greased.i I just get bummed out when a truck goes down. Guess it's just me
  10. I will look for pics. I know they and some gold and white
  11. I have to say In my opinion I ve never seen a dirty stork truck unless the weather is crapy
  12. Ok thank you sir.i was wondering be nice if they would update some things on the RD
  13. On a 1990RD can you do a direct mount hyd.pump instead of the shaft going from the trans to the pump
  14. Truck stops used to have then but theres no truck stops just"travel centers"lol
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