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  1. No more of my opinions trucks yes trump.and stars and bars nazi's nope ya all be safe
  2. Sooo it's ok for some people to march with weapons in the streets like a 3rd world country. Soooo I see alot now about some people. Carry on enjoy the new world order.
  3. Not going to keep beating a dead horse you go with what you believe,no mater who s in we screwed. So fly your own flag
  4. Trump wasn't much cleaner screwing pirn star fantasising about his daughter but I guess thats ok in some eyes
  5. I'm done you all enjoy your thoughts and opinions. Just gonna talk trucks
  6. Glad you like cause critical thinking and common sense is lacking fo some
  7. I'm done not gonna argue about it we all know who's guilty and this clowns have his back.1930 Germany all over good day
  8. I used to see the steel hauler Michigan trains in the mills in gary YEARS ago hauling to the auto plants
  9. Nice!!!!! 165k gross can you back the last one and how do you dump them
  10. Junk those and get some nice tubeless Daytona unless your tires are tube type
  11. Well you have your views and opinions and I have mind .all I have to say
  12. So it was ok for gun carrying people to charge Congress because they can be brainwashed by a spoiled rich bully who did get his way. Lots of people cant tell right from wrong
  13. If you can rip on Biden I can rip on trump
  14. All I have to say on this subject cause 73mil are delusional and scared of him
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