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  1. Congratulations. !!!! Red heads and old macks my kriptonite. Man I got issues lol
  2. Wouldn't mind either one for a daily driver
  3. That's is a SWEET R I've seen it and the newer RD love em
  4. His trucks are always clean.! And I would also say that I've never really seen stork mack s trucks dirty either
  5. Let's see the other dogs

  6. Awww hell yea .I ve been to his shop .his trucks are alway clean plus he's pretty cool to talk to
  7. Well the tag on the 05 granite says 3lbs of the new stuff if that helps ya
  8. Happy 4th! She's highway spec I like vocational spec LMAO
  9. Such a damn shame to lose a market they (mack) for years go down 294 by alsip and see the volvo s all lined up make me wanna puke
  10. I think they went with the Allison I ll ask next time im.there
  11. The other driver doesn't like it too old too slow no air .but slow and steady wins the race
  12. I sure hope we re off when the kamp truck show is
  13. Kinda dirty but ready to run.hauling stone out of conoco.
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