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  1. Let's see the other dogs

  2. It's load king trailer I have all mechanical drive winches I use 1 1/8 cable I pick up very heavy pumps and machines etc It has a block welded on it with a hole for a shackle I hook my tail chain through
  3. Its cable a few of my trucks have winches so it works out well Not sure if you can lock the neck straight Needs to go down the road since I've bought another hyd detach lol
  4. Finally got this bought was a few miles from my house been parked for 8 years Guy said he parked it because the crank was broke!! He said give me 500 bucks and get it outta here! So I loaded it up and hauled it home!! New fuel filters new batteries fired it up the next day had a bad miss sound found a bent push rod threw another 1 in and away we went never spent another dime on it Cab is 95% rust free double frame very nice shape for a 1978 bed is near perfect tires like new, even the windshield washer works!!! Bed was half full of rock too that was a bonus
  5. Not Chicago but central IL here My 86 with a New dump trailer I just bought!
  6. Cant seem to find the 72 on craigslist anybody got a link???
  7. Anybody know if the blue 72 is still for sale here in Illinois??
  8. I just wasnt sure if all mack v8s had 2 heads and 2 valve covers the one I found im almost positive has an 871 detroit
  9. I found a R model I was interesting in buying it its got a v8 but im pretty sure it is a detroit but im not sure what a v8 mack looks like def not a E9 just looking for some info thanks
  10. just wondering what other pulls in illinois are comming up we just had one here tonight
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