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  1. I wouldn't kid about that. I've been in the black truck for three years now. The needle nose is our yard spotter and truck that is usually parked in the way. Figured I'd take it out and show it off a little.
  2. The black Pete with the green Pete on the back was me. You should've said hey, didn't know you were there.
  3. Looks like Mr. Kamp will also be hosting a show next month.
  4. Didn't have to go far for this one. Had a couple Stark Mack's in the backyard for a weekend warrior project. Thanks Storkmack!
  5. A friend of mine did a re rail on an R model over the winter. The owner of the truck said it was a good truck and would rather invest in it rather than getting a newer truck.
  6. Mackey, mark this one on the calendar and come on out. We are having a show in Plano on the 23rd of June. Everyone is welcome. In-between Sandwich and Plano. Easy to get to, just north of the Chevy dealer on 34, Sandy Bluff Rd. All makes models, new or old, bring em out.
  7. I know Louie passed, he and Mike were very good friends. I'm not sure what's happening with Dierzen. There are a ton of those trailers running around here. I'll have to ask Mike next time I see him.
  8. Borrowed these pics from Mike Kratzer. He is friends with Dierzen's and took these pictures of their Value Liner they had back in the day hooked to a new Dierzen trailer.
  9. I went, but not a single Mack was at the show. I think about 50 trucks showed up. Morning weather was a little crusty, but the day turned out decent.
  10. This was over on Facebook the other day. The guy who posted the picture drives for Krooswyk. I think they are from the far south suburbs or maybe Indiana? He said the Granite just replaced the R model and they were taking the R to an equipment dealer to sell it, but he did not say what dealer. Looks like a pretty clean R for someone.
  11. Last year I was at Vulcans yard a Pershing and Racine and I could see into Vanecks yard. Looks like there are two B's and a day cab MH nosed into the fence in there.
  12. Pretty sure I followed Ranchhopper for a little bit this morning.
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