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  1. all the R models I ever saw were down, most every B model was down but I have seen some factory pics of B models with the handles horizontal also
  2. Maddog13407

    Mack A40

    ''bought it from a collector'' yea, no you didn't, you bought it from a shitbag auctioneer who fucked the old man who owned if for years over......
  3. Maddog13407

    Mack A40

    did you buy it at an auction april 7th? if so god that auctioneer is probably the biggest pos I ever met. walked in his tractor store one day all dirty and greasy from work, he had an old mack I was askin about, his words to me were,'' why bother lookin at it, you don't look like you have any money to buy anything''. I wouldn't buy so much as a cotter pin off that shitbag
  4. I changed the spiders on my B613 and used newer style brakes. I think the spiders came off a 80 U model. im currently lookin for another pair so I to can change over the expensive bolt on lining on my 69 R600.
  5. def my one B in front.... she needs a good restoration. Bruno Bartnick said they had two B's about the same truck, one had a smaller beam on top and a 9 speed overgear, mine has the bigger beam and a 10 speed duplex. the Kb Ih with military wrecker in the pic is still alive and well last I knew as well.
  6. 17.900 for an Iroc z? wow mine sold new at 18.600 off the showroom floor in 1986...…..
  7. 707's were a good engine, hard on gas tho but so were the 540's and 464's and the 401's back then. wish I could locate me a good running 464 for a project myself
  8. Doug Fetterly use to sell the quilted door panels and headliners, wish I had one myself
  9. everytime I see that RL Mike I love it even more......
  10. usually with my luck the metal/aluminum will gauld together and corrode and when you try to back the bolt out it will break the bolt circle out of the hubcap....I have put those damn hubcaps on brand new and had them leak out of the window before so I def wouldn't try putting just a window kit in a 45 year old hubcap
  11. didn't the aluminum radiator shell come out around 56 57? or was it 58? when were tubeless tires first available??
  12. is that a chevy LS under there??
  13. probably should offer up the rest of the truck for that price to....
  14. yikes is right, pressure wash an old motor and paint her machinery gray and ask 7 grand
  15. im sure we're all on the same page and regardless, im lookin at a 10 grand running driving truck that NEEDS restoration
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