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  1. Maddog13407

    No nose b mod

    there are a few obsticles that you need to overcome to putting the diesel in thr gas job. make sure you change the thru shaft in the left spring hanger for the clutch or youll be scratchin your head when you go to adjust the clutch as the gas jobs have the keyway in a different spot. also make sure you put the shims in between the front spring hangers and the radiator crossmember or youll be swearing when you go to change a fan belt and cant get it between the balancer and the crossmember. and if the gas truck is a single frame your gonna have to shim the rear trans/motor mounts a 1/4 inch and maybe swap the rear cab mount crossmember and shim it also unless you ditch the driveshaft mounted e brake and put on maxi cans
  2. Maddog13407

    Econodyne emblem

    after the B up til around 71 or so everything was die cast. after that everything went plastic.
  3. worst part is its most likely a B30 0or B20 as there is no treadle valve and has the tell tale line off the manifold to the fire wall for vacumn. not that desireable at all. if the sheet metal was decent, 1500 at most
  4. i don't know what you guys are complaining about. i see 6500 all day long....
  5. if it ran, floor and back of cab and fenders were solid, 5-7 all day long. not running now a days pretty much means you have to screw with a froze up pump so its nothing your probably gonna throw batteries in ad drive out of there so 2-3 grand
  6. Maddog13407

    '58 B42

    we need more info.need to know the gear ratio of the rear definitely an upgrade but don't plan on turning anything higher than a 5 something gear ratio with a flathead 401 and a quadbox. we stuck a 4.62 in out B42 single axle out of a B61 jus to go to shows so it would have some highway gears and not be screaming but i wouldn't ever wanna hook onto a load with it as it originally had 6.42 gears . most tandem B42's had 7.49 gear ratios or 8.10 's and would do 52 miles an hour
  7. as long as we are placing orders, pencil me in for 2 pallets of B model vent windows and 2 pallets of Chrome Radiator shells and a pallet of Thermodyne Emblems and a couple pallets of B model style battery boxes......
  8. Maddog13407

    Lexington Kentucky maths show

    i guess the ATHS doesn't like the Northeast? kinda a shame since i thought Syracuse and Springfield mass along with York were decent shows. Springfield did leave a little to be desired but it seems like they don't plan on returning to the Northeast anytime soon.
  9. Maddog13407

    Hola Folks

    got a 4.00 in mine out of a U model with a 711 and triplex and its fun to drive but put some weight on her and your shifting your ass off
  10. Maddog13407

    Macungie 2018

    will be there thrus or early Friday morning, the wife and i are up for the Fogelsville hotel Friday night if that's the night we all go. have not gotten a room yet, cough cough but i know there are a ton of places to stay. have not decided if we are staying satuday night yet
  11. Maddog13407

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    the old Beech Nut plant yes. the tight 4 way intersection that has about 100 signs sayin truck, no turns!
  12. Maddog13407

    Macungie 2018

    we'll be there Friday. maybe we can meet at the Fogelsville hotel like old days????
  13. Maddog13407

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    youd be surprised the number of profressional drivers using gps we pulled out of seasonal road, farm trails and SNOWMOBILE trails this past winter from their gps tellin them that was the way to go. in the towing business, stupid pays...... my personal favorite is out small town right off the thruway, with a tight four way intersection with an alternate truck route with many signs sayin TRUCKS NO TURNS and even Jersey barriers on the corners. they still do it. just last week they caught a guy after he got on the thruway at exit 29 and headed west with a jersey barrier stuck under the trailer..... and he still claimed he didn't make the sharp turn in town and get it stuck. ..
  14. trucks with fa517 and fa505 axles had different steering boxes also. i don't remember the number off the top of my head but sg42 and sg43 or something of the like, i don't know the exact numbers i know mine came with a 505 and i put a 522 in and you can tell something is off but it drives straight. something is definitely different inside the boxes and they look identical from the outside.
  15. Maddog13407

    Sick flathead

    good luck with that 673 ''drop in place'' idea. you better have a B61 parts truck handy.

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