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  1. Maddog13407

    Just for a laugh!

    he did have some kinda steel or machine shop originally then got into the bike thing. the drama bs and the shit they do, destroy and wreck just pisses me off and he is a total shitbag in my eyes. i have worked for bosses that were really like him and wanted to knock their teeth down their throat.
  2. Maddog13407

    H 67

    did Harry pass? his Roadway H model is in Keystone truck and tractor, i just stopped there this past weekend. he also had a pristine restored green single axle B that i have never seen since it was shown at Macungie 1 or 2 times
  3. Maddog13407

    Spec'ing a NEW MACK!! (Volmac)

    i wouldn't spec disk brakes on any new truck especially an off road one. we have a bunch of fuel delivery trucks comin in our area new, mostly KW's with disk. they sand and mud and crap eats the pads right up cause of the piss poor design with the caliper on top and the shit lays in it. we just did a one axle brake job on a 2017 KW propane truck with 39,000 miles on it, cost the company over 5 grand!. the pads were good during one service and 4000 miles later they were ate up and enough to get the calipers hot. calipers were Bendix and $1800 a piece our cost..... add that to the problem where you cant just visually inspect the pads without pulling the tires and most of them come with 20/20 or 20/18brake cans on them and guess what, you call the dealer and they don't have one, no one does, they were 2 days out....
  4. Maddog13407

    Just for a laugh!

    he is a shitbad. we live about an hour and half away and have family in Montgomery. the stories we have heard! Mikey basically a drug addict, Paul Sr going in every bar around thinkin he is a tough ass and getting his ass kicked and kicked out the door, basically Paul Js is the only sane one
  5. Maddog13407

    Just for a laugh!

    god it was a sad day when that overpaid shitbag made it back on TV. rumor has it OCC begged Discovery to put them back on the air.
  6. Maddog13407

    1971 Brockway N457

    gotta be careful with the explanation Larry a lot of the new Werner , Jbhunt and Walmart and UPS express trucks are comin thru with junk disk brakes and the cans are perpendicular to the backin plated to. they are nice for stopping power but about useless in a rusty climate and dirty back road climate.
  7. Maddog13407

    Rear cab panel for R model

    plus 3 or old school?
  8. Maddog13407

    Spoked wheels

    love how them aussies always seem to have wider rims on the front even with daytons. not 425 floaters but more than a 11 22.5
  9. Maddog13407

    Retro-Themed New Chevy Silverados

    i liked these when i first saw them about 4 months ago. really like the orange one they did but the real problem is I'm pretty sure all Super 10's were 2wd and 4wd's wouldn't be a Cheyenne. having just sold a pristine 77 Cheyenne Super 10 and a diehard chevy guy I'm kinda let down. and those wagon wheels they sound like they searched and searched for, are nothing more than stock work truck chevy wheels they make today painted white
  10. Maddog13407


    also keep in your head,''it is gonna take 5 gears to get to 55mph.... space them accordingly. same with a triplex or quad within reason, its gonna take me 15 or 20m gears to get to 55mph loaded.... and don't let anyone fool you, if your empty even with a triplex you only have a 5 speed, the rest we're all just showing off
  11. Maddog13407


    there were not many B42's made with a tach and in my experience the 77 series trans behind a 401 or the smaller transmissions are not forviving like the bigger 67 and 72 series and they HATE being shifted without the clutch. the wander could be in the steering box. did you set the toe on the tie rod an 1/4 inch in? and i know the later B42's had stops on the frame for the pitman arm and they sucked. made the turning radius horrible, you could also have the stop bolts in the backside of the spindle screwed out too far
  12. Maddog13407

    1950 Mack

    and then of course because its a Mack and OLD put it up for sale for 5 times what it worth and then get mad when no one buys it and end up scraping it.....
  13. Maddog13407

    Info needed

    that's a B62 radiator btw. mice love old Macks. we had a b61 we bought that wouldn't turn over, turns out the mice went up the exhaust, found and open valve and built a nest on top of the piston!. turned it one way then the other, didn't have enough clearance to outdue the nest without pulling the head. they love air cleaners to, have had to clear out a few after sittin for years and glad i did before we tried to start the engine
  14. Maddog13407

    1950 Mack LFT

    that truck has been painted like that for as long as i can remember. think i have a workhorses of yesteryear calender with in in the 80's or early 90's
  15. and an early 65 or 66 R model. i don't think the marker lights lasted long next to the headlights. coulda even been a 711 or 673t

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