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  1. 2-3 inches.then after you weld i have poured more inside and rolled it around to cover the welded spot
  2. i have filled B model tanks with water, ground the welds smooth, then took a sharpie and drew a line around and cut the ends off with a sawsall. have it sandblasted in and out and coated inside with Red Cote, leaving it a few inches from edge, then welded ends back on, poured more Red Kote i and swished it around where it was welded. all good for Diesel but if its a gas truck you cant put and garbage Ethanol gas in it or it will eat the Red Kote off
  3. poor old guy. one of the last true outlaws. its a shame my favortie single ole Waylon treated Billy Joe like shit in the beginning barley wanting to record his songs, songs that Waylon made hits
  4. kinda odd it has a black interior with old 73ish steps on the front of tanks. werent black interiors like 79-84 ish?? maybe it had a cab swap already?
  5. i have always thought an 80's early90's Chevy motorhome chassis would be a good starting point for a custom small B model build
  6. 6v53 in a B85 would have a bigger bell. probably a 2 with a 67 series trans. i have a 401 or two i would let go for cheap. probably need a ring job as they smoke but can hear run
  7. a 464 or 540 would not have a 24 volt starting system. wire the governor open.... cough cough. let her run
  8. just bought one a month ago from Napa for a full flow bypass 750. your talkin to the wrong parts guys
  9. 59 or so was the 1st year for the stamped brake pedal give or take. the old cast ones actually use to snap off
  10. that truck is a 56 57 or 58. cast brake pedal and the dash is normal. plus it has the old style huge hand brake and fuel guage reads 1/4 1/2 3/4, they got rid of that guage around 59
  11. pic of the dash and crossmembers in frame would help narrow it down, horns on a pedestal, old style mirror brackers and windshield motor under dash put it at a 58 and older.
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