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  1. ISO Air cleaner top for B model Mack

    agree. i have the bigger top hat style lid rather than the hubcap shaped lid. i think the top hat one came out around 60,61. seems everyone i have seen has a dent. i have been lookin for an original B model riser pipe for years,was thinking of using a chrome stack. i know my vent window hits the air cleaner top when its opened and you open the door
  2. Work boots

    Red wing discontinued the 4418(red high heel thinsulate logger boot) and the 2218 (black uninsulated high heel logger) they have Chinese junk irish setters and an off brand looking logger but they are so hot, even the uninsulated ones. i use to wear the 4418's all summer long even insulated and my feet newer hurt or sweat. i loath the new red wings i bought that are suppose to be a replacement for the 4418's. what makes it worse is you check the red wing website and all you see is hikin boots and yuppie lookin dockers. guess they don't wanna put shoes on the American workin man anymore.i even asked my boot guy who is a little shop whos been in business forever about getting a batch of the 4418's made once a year cause he said everyone keeps askin about the and Red Wings answer was NO!. guess they cant compete with all these Carolina and Irish Setter looking Chinese logger boots. Add all this to the fact that my 1st pair for Redwings i bought when i was 16 was $212 a pair and my last pair for good ones were $293. had the get stuck buyin the red wings that were knock off us made ones for $180. id have no problem payin $293 again if i could just get the boots i like
  3. Work boots

    been wearing redwings since i was 15, went to by a pair of standard logger boot 4418 they have been makin for EVER and found they were discontinued. had some look alike green ugly boots the guy i have been buyin them from 20+ years from said is what everyone is wearing now that they discontinued the boot i love. i absolutely HATE them. worst pile i ever put on my feet and they are still then us made boot. my feet sweat, smell, they feel like slippers and are about as supportive, my arches and feet hurt. make me sick to my stomach i paid good money for garbage. bought a cheap paid of carhart boots and Carolina logger style, they are all way too insulated and make my feet sweat. about disgusted with red wings. i look at their website and all i see now are poindexter yuppy trash lookin dress shoes, not even a decent lookin work boot. now I'm at a loss also cause I'm wearing out my last two pair of 4418 and 2218's i had stashed.
  4. B42 plans

    seen an 8v71 stuffed in a B61 and an R400 before. shoehorned in there but it fit so i take it a 6v71 would not be a problem
  5. Clear coat B61?

    Mack always used Kirker cheicals for their paint. good for most but for a pro restoration they are cheap and i don't think have the lasting qualities for shine and color fading that PPG or Dupont do
  6. B-81

    JLG600 we had at work was a 60 footer and i think it weighed 18 or 19000lbs. i know we got it stick before and was a real bear to get out. i got to know workin on it well with the ford ranger 4 cylinder carbureted in it junk with a carb on it. newer ones were fuel injected
  7. Clear coat B61?

    40496 is the PPG Ditzler code for Mack green. think its pretty standard
  8. 1985 John deere 430 Diesel

  9. 1985 John deere 430 Diesel

    430 John Deere. been repainted with base and clear, new decals, extra wide rear tires. deck has been sandblasted and painted with acrylic enamel. new front clutch, new rear end and transaxle and new grille. i have the side panels and the panels for the deck. had rear mounted weigh bracket and 4 JD suitcase weights. has provisions for 3 point hitch but no lift arms. itdoes need a new seat cover , a set of blades and i think one new bearing for the deck. $5500 or best offer. don't hesitate to ask, I'm negotiable on this. i posted this on a few tractor sites on facebook and cannot believe how rutless people are. i DONT need exactly 5500 for this. make me a decent offer. they don't make heavy tractors like this anymore. delivery may be available. Matt 315 868 3173
  10. Blossvale?? not too far from me
  11. and if your starting with a B42 and wanna install a 673 you better have a Diesel parts truck for radiator, motor mounts, transmission and rear hogs head and the clutch shaft that goes thru the spring hanger is different, the keyways are in different spots
  12. yellow jackets? I always thought that's why they called them Bee models??? seems every one in the weeds has a nest in the cab, under the fenders or being the headlight rings
  13. What is wrong with people today?

    half the problem stems from no death penalty in half these states. Ny being one of those Pussy states. kill em off, don't send the in for life in prision. really, so we have to pay for them to have free room and board and education, internet and tv?? you kill someone, you don't get to live, mandatory death within a month. over. scare some of these lowlifes and set an example.
  14. Fastenal? what a joke that place is. last time I stopped there for 5/5 fine thread bolts, three guys looked at them and go yea we cant get anything like that, we think theyre Metric! what in the hell is the world coming to??
  15. 19XX Mack B61 T Chassis

    looks like only thing B model there is the sheet metal. not sure what frame is sittin on. maybe an old Ford box truck or Isuzu?