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  1. pretty sure that truck use to belong to the Town of Galway or one of its employees. it hauled the old Oshkosh to the Balston show for years. it to was there this year by the state police set up
  2. Maddog13407

    1965 Mack B755

    wonderful restoration. remember seein it done at Gerharts just didn't think it was that long ago, time flies
  3. Maddog13407

    1965 Mack B755

    AZB did Matt do that truck or parts of it? i remember seein it at Gerharts i think the first year you had it done.
  4. Maddog13407

    Transmission for sale

    there is no gas, or diesel version.... the 67 and 72 was offered with diesel or gas , same exact transmission.
  5. Maddog13407

    1975 RS685LT

    wasn't sayin out an eastern top on a western bottom. id those the top and bottom in the scrap pile. deadliest piece of junk Mack ever put on a truck
  6. Maddog13407

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    i guess the Dems forgot about the millions of poor bastards affected with the Hurricane and flooding and would rather point their attention to some Bs that happened 30 years ago
  7. Maddog13407

    1975 RS685LT

    id take those battery boxes off and throw them in the scrap aluminum pile and put the eastern ones on with the X on the front. only thing those are good for is fallin on your ass when the cover slips off. otherwise that truck is such a honey. bias ply tires and all.
  8. yea, ended up with that beautiful Cresci box cut off and scrapped and last i see it not much has changed after that. damn shame
  9. Maddog13407

    Gerharts 2018

    weather is not lookin too promising last time i looked and we planned on going
  10. interesting. B422 would have a size 3 bellhousing originally and a baby quad or duplex 77 series. someone would have to change motor mounts and all to put a 464 in there. never amazes me how much wrenching went on with these old trucks
  11. sure its a 464? b422 should have a 438
  12. Maddog13407

    WTB: R model battery box cover

    usually those dimples were drilled out and a tin flap added and they were for a DM model but you know Mack, they were universal
  13. Maddog13407


    its only 12 volt,one hot 12 volt will turn it fine. as for filter and wires, id see if it runs first then screw with the rest.
  14. id check the air cleaner, check the rack. don't worry about the valves. at least see how bad the oil is and run it off a fresh can of fuel. put it in third gear and pull start it before you waste money on a starter or a bunch of filters. remember some trucks were parked for a reason.
  15. Maddog13407

    1966 B61

    love those B61SX's with the heavy front axles.

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