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  1. B 46 Fire rescue truck on Craigslist

    if I only needed more projects, id probably have this thing....
  2. What is wrong with people today?

    I like the 24 hour execution idea. saves a lot of tax payer money. these shitbags get treated better than the people on the outside world in prison. tv, internet, gangs, start getting rid of the bottom feeders. save taxpayer money, better world all around, less population of worthless paycheck collectors on the world who don't contribute anything . and by paycheck, I mean the government collected paycheck that use working people have to support.
  3. 1960 B61

    always had a crush on that truck.....
  4. RD factory pics

    looks like that orange RD is in need of a driver side kingpin....
  5. Anyone remember this?

    i have about 5 or 6 cans of that Maxidyne gold rattle can paint in my garage on a shelf. could never bring myself to use it. went and bought 'Universal gold' at Napa
  6. Retrieved antique low boy for a friend

    Went and retrieved one from the Hippies in New Hampshire
  7. i dare say that looks like the same truck even tho I think it has a different visor than on the mag cover
  8. wow haven't been past those two old bridges on Rt11 since I was a little kid. have to go that way again sometime soon before some tree hugger figures they are ''ruining the view''
  9. Haz BMT bin hacked

    is it bad when I got the hacked page, the first thing I thought of was Gearheadskank?
  10. Saratoga ATHS

    I have seen a 318 stuffed into a B61 with a triplex. don't ask how and the guy drove it like he was pissed off at it literally,revved the hell out of it and raked ever gear. was white single axle dump truck. was in upstate ny, never knew what happened to it
  11. New UPS Fords

    surprised nobody has mentioned they all seem to have Ford badging on them. thought UPS was against showing team colors?? have seen at least a half dozen smaller Ford maybe 450's with small cube boxes runnin around Upstate Ny as well
  12. The Last B Model

    lucky bastard
  13. has the R600 emblem on side to, when did they stop doin that? I like the vintage Fruehauf bathtub dump box
  14. not attackin anyone from behind any F'in keyboard. its as simple as this, don't expect to try to sell something you post today, and want it sold instantly when you don't provide any detailed pictures other than one that someone else posted and furthermore, don't threated to scrap something to get it sold. I for one hate that shit. I have plenty of my own projects to work one, doesn't bother me one bit I didn't buy it and could care a less.
  15. yup, done business for years, have had many of great experiences,even with a bunch of good guys on this website.