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  1. what motor and trans and what are you wanting to do with the truck? im runnin a 711 and single over triplex and a 4.00 rear on 11 24.5 s and it will cruise 75-80 bobtail but put a trailer on it and it will remind you what you have....
  2. I like the sound of the 711, mines a 707 version and is stamped end707 and has the fire rings. Last year on the trip to allentown it blew both belts, I replaced and noticed the balancer wobbly.i replaced the crank hub and balancer. I found the balancer started to come apart and hub was loose on crank. Replaced with a gun that fit snug and a balancer....it still wobbles about a quarter inch. Motor was probably rebuilt in the 80 and with me gearing it up.its fine cruising but a dog on hills when pulling a trailer. Id like to find an Endt673 b or c motor but they are scarce. I have a 237 in stoc
  3. I don't really care about hp. The 707 a pig when it hits a hill. I changed rear to a 4.00. so it will run but falls on its face.i figure I can get rid of the intercooler and pretty much have a 250 or so.i just don't wanna lose the triplex I'm running
  4. have many parts, have done many B42 and B68 conversions to B61's etc. and have put a 237 in a B68. was kinda just lookin for opinions on if recalibrating the pump on a 237 was really necessary . plus i have access to either a 285 or 300+ with the intercooler and was jw if simply taking the intercooler off as to not have to deal with the extra plumbing and filter would be detrimental to the engine
  5. lookin to upgrade the motor in my B. has a 707 in it now(711 with firering head gaskets) and NO its not a gasjob. have a 237 in stock but wanna stay with the triplex. also have access to a 300+. was wondering if i could eliminate the air to air on the 300 and just use a 237 intake to get away from all the extra plumbing with the air cleaner. has anyone done this? would i have to just watch the EGT or would i have to have the pump recalibrated ? or am i better off just stickin with the 237 and setting the pump to Thermodyne specs? or just run it??
  6. in all my years i have never seen a 77 series trans with a clutch brake. 67, yes and rare. double clutch it. its not a diesel and they dont shift anywhere near the same
  7. almost think i have a book somewhere with this truck pictured in its prime or at a show
  8. must have been a really heavy spec front axle. looks like a 601 front axle....
  9. how about just post some pictures. not that big of a deal
  10. seriously i get it but the 400 is obsolete and even in the 60's and 70's a 500 was slapped on in its place. its not the end of the world
  11. red putty on those doors looks like lacquor based 'Nitrostan'. i remember when it use to come in the little yellow tube and you wetsanded with 220 and the entire floor would be RED
  12. done two JLG 600's in my day, put new power cords all the way (21 to 40 wireS) thru the booms and put all new ends on both ends(you couldnt buy the cord with ends on anymore) and its not really a bad job long as your patient. elements kills any of these machines, the upper controls always need to be covered with the canvas cover.
  13. put a 500 on it and be done. we have about 10 B42's in various states and most over the years have had a 500 installed in place of the 400
  14. dont forget those 5/16 Philips head fine thread bolts Mack used originally to hold the old style shell to the headlight panels either.....
  15. been some years since i tore a 237 head apart, do they share the same seals and tophat oil shields??
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