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  1. that B81 is sexy...…. she has the look with that big radiator
  2. pretty sure the Valueliner went into the early 90's?? remember being at Macungie around 9192 and almost remember seein cement mixer Valueliner chassis in silver in the back lot? I might be mistaken?
  3. steelman I looked at your truck on a flatbed this year at Macktrucktoberfest last year. again wish I had the dimensions to cut down the fenders proper
  4. our 82 R600 had the one like the pic i was referring to attached to the air the air. just a stainless thin look a like grille
  5. Superdog Mike had a gold base for sale a while back I believe.
  6. I got an even weirder one in my 66 R600.... timing cover is stamped endtb675 but the rivetted tag on the block says ETAZ673T. engine came out a 1980 R612LST originally...
  7. god love ya,,im right there with ya......i like the ready to work,,,look...i dont like that grille or alcola wheels at all......i dont know.why they do that,,,,,if you want a peterbilt....then buy one....ahahahahahaha......bob

    1. Maddog13407


      i agree. sorry but there are some R models that look good with alcoas and some that look good with Daytons. I do hate that F model style after thought plastic grille tho haha

  8. use to be my ex boss's truck before we got an 82 with a 300 and 9 speed roadranger. that truck has a 237 and 5 speed and hauled a lowboy most of its life..... and a dump trailer. trust me be glad it looks as good as it did. it use to have weigh receipts from the put in the glovebox for 100.000 gross in a Fruehauf bathtub on a tandem trailer..
  9. that white trans provincial truck is not the fake lookin put in grille were talkin about. the white truck has an early 80's stainless grille that was attached to the air to air condenser. the red truck has the grllle that goes on the outside
  10. god I hate that grille almost as much as I hate someone putting Alcoa wheels on the front of a nice lookin R model that has nice Daytons. that grille just reminds me of someone trying to put a ''little extra' bling on a perfectly good R model kinda like putting a drop visor on it
  11. hate scammers. I got scammed few weeks ago on a diecast truck not far from me, cheap, only 25 bucks. sent paypal, never got truck. lady told meshes been sick, still never got it. wish I knew her address near Oneonta NY, shed need a new mailbox. tried to dispute thru paypal and forgot to change my setings off ''frinds and family'' when I sent her money so I couldn't dispute! bitch knew that. only 25 bucks but its the point
  12. remember that B81 back in the 90's at the Rutland show when it was still at Giddings. then it dissappeared
  13. Steelman which truck do you have? picture? the cab isn't so bad to chop down but I wish I had some prints of what George did with the fenders to actually cut them to make them look normal
  14. off topic, but I swear Bob Theimers single axle Superdog has that same paint scheme? been years since I seen it
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