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  1. the elephant ears weren't heavier, they were just the older style, you could get them in 38, 44 and 55's. the 34's were usually internally mounted on the frame. the cone hubcaps were for ''full floating'' axles and the flat caps were for ''semi floating'' there the axle was formed to the hubcap. 34 and 38's were rubber mounted trunons. 44's you could get brass or rubber mounted. most 55's I have seen were brass. the 44's also usually had a flat web welded in the seam of the rear end housings to strengthen them.
  2. the spot welds weren't filled and they weren't from the front. they were spot welded around the inside. the dots you see are from rust pulling at the seams. overallan excellent door tho. skim coat of icing on those dots and some primer and good to go. when I usually do a B model door as dumb as it sounds, I usually pour a little oil or fluid film inside the door before I put the door panel on.
  3. looks like an ex New York Thru way plow
  4. I have seen some factory pictures of front mount v plows on 8n's, use to have a book somewhere, I think it was raised the same way with the 3 point hitch, kinda ambitious for 28 horsepower with a v plow
  5. yup, the wedge trailers with the singe rear wheels instead of duals are my favorite. we have towed more than a few off the interstate, overloaded with wheel bearings gone or better yet, wheels totally gone, bearing gone, wheel studs broke off, etc..
  6. my personal favorite is the sheet of paper with sharpie wrote on it with clear package tape attaching it to the rear extended cab window of their 1 ton PICKUPS that they think are big trucks. seems to be a new thing up north here. all one tons with such and such hauling and shit wrong on them with a huge car carrier hauling 3 or 4 salvage cars , the better ones are regular pickups, then you get the cab and chassis ones with the huge perterbilt tank mounted sideways across the back of the frame.
  7. yup, Ny use to be a shoe in, been tryin t clean up a few dirty titles for a friend lately and ran into a few snags tho
  8. fresh fuel, prime her up, fill the filters, 4 new batteries and the old 237's are pretty forgiveable
  9. think I used a delco 21 or 22 SI.
  10. my favorite line, ''if you don't like it, get the Fuck out!'' all these flakes need to get over it, like it or not he is our president, did I vote for him? absofuckinglutely!. do I agree with everything he does and says? nope. gotta be better than the last two or three or four and if not? oh well, give him a chance. my favorite line from Obama...'' I'm going on a vacation'' really? cause where have you been for the past 8 years?? get a job! wish I had all day to sit around in my lookalike Vietnam war gear and protest. nope, I have a job where the government rips me off every week to support your lazy asses
  11. i remember when that old girl was sporting daytons on the front of her. nice truck
  12. the en 291 331 and 401 were good engines for what they were, BUT they were overworked and asked to do more than they were designed for and were typically a 100,000 miles engine if you were luck before a rebuild. they were basically made for short hauls, city delivery trucks and small road tractors.
  13. I sent Mike a card, he texted me back, that's about it. was short. I like the 10 dollar idea, don't even care if its 20, but then again I know how some people don't like ''hand outs''
  14. Trying to remember but I think the pic of my b613t was taken at Springfield mass. The quadratic truck makes me sick. Saw it working in NYC the next pic I see the nice chrome radiator shell is missing
  15. interesting how many of the B61sx's actually had the big b80 series front axle. I'm thinkin the black one in the 1st picture might have been a Highpoint garage truck at one time also? I know he had one with a 285 and a hood scoop