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  1. red single axle b61 looks like a steal to
  2. for that tiny little 401 gas, all you need is a little small block chevy alternator
  3. id like some of those nice white flaps. any way to ship them to the US??
  4. did you double check and make sure it really is6 volt? or did someone hook the two original 6 volt batteries in series to make 12?
  5. probably one of those places that put a price on things based on attitude or how you look. remember a few years ago I went to look at a stripped R model fire truck. sat in this new tractor dealer for 10 min while I got ignore, finally owner asked if he could help me, I said I wanted to know if I could look at the old Mack. he looks and goes ''go ahead but you can afford it'' (I was in my greasy dirty work clothes) to this day he is a well known Kubota dealer in the area and I wouldn't so much as buy a cotter pin off him.
  6. if its 6 volt, it will burn out the points. need to check you starter and generator tags
  7. if they moved backward with the L, to B, they definatlely moved backwards in aerodynamics wise with the B to R. the L was a sheet metal cab over a wooden frame basically, old school doors, old school wipers, the B may have been smaller but it was more modern with stamped steel, removeable door panels, etc
  8. was tthat Serafin truck Bob Theimers at some point?
  9. I can get ya some pictures, will take a week or so. there is wedge shaped plated, and the pull pin on one end. I think the square pin side just has a set screw in it, been a few years
  10. are they both 12 or 6 volts wired in parallel? . the gas job trucks only had a short wire going to the frame and one single battery cable going up to the starter button
  11. are you sure its 6 volt?? only the really early b42's were. by 56 57 they were 12 volt. make sure the 6's aren't hooked together to make 12. . if that's the case, one group 31 will spin that thing over faster than its ever seen, trust me
  12. both those prototypes sure were ugly SOB's. got some Studebaker lines in both of them I think
  13. needs to be saved. factory integral sleeper with a Lanova
  14. honestly never seen one marked there.