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  1. Maddog13407

    Highway Through Hell

    the thing that I cant stand is how anytime any truck spins, bein a brand new star or whatever, they use the same clip of the old General with Dayton wheels spinning. really??? and they never show them getting paid for all these pull up the hills and winch out. as someone whos in the business that is the real drama part. fighting with some foreign shitbag who doesn't want to pay or doesn't have a card or doesn't wanna call home base for a compcheck! or some foreigner cause they all do it, that wants a 'break' on the bill. when the bill comes out my rule is No negotiating, don't deal! and I don't care who it is ,how the hell do they make a boom and winch last by hooking on some loaded rig and snapping the cable and ripping someone up the hill? yea, try that a few times and youll rip the plannateries right out! a winch is made for the cable to be pulled out and to pull someone up the hill or out, not to hook up and snap the cable and use it as a chain
  2. pretty sure they came with the chassis mounted cooler instead of the driver side mounted motor cooler. 1982 R we had at work had the cheap 3 bar grille bolted to the charge air cooler
  3. pretty sure my 711 has a standard Mack water pump. I think they only come in long and short shafts just like Chevy's. I know I replaced it and pretty sure it was for a 237
  4. Maddog13407

    62 B61

    god where the hell are these prices coming from? maybe I should start advertising some of my 1500-2500 B61T's for 6-8000
  5. remember hearing this story many times, we don't live far from where this truck has sat for many year. sadly someone stole the gold scripted Mack taillight off this truck as I remember it had when it sat in Dick's yard. he passed this past year I think and his kids brought this truck to Balston. he has many many treasures in his yard that everytime I had stopped are NOT FOR SALE including many AC mack shovels and cranes, a brute of a DM and some early BX Macks
  6. Maddog13407

    Still A Couple Of Days Away

    i will be happy when all these tv advertisements are over. if only they spent their money and time on something worthwhile. we get done with this one and they start all over again with ''oh the votes were screwed with'' or some other bullshit, so sick of politics
  7. Maddog13407

    Painted the fenders

    those shells and fenders in the Mack pictures are pre 1959. back then you hung it as a section and adjusted as needed. i have always bolted fender, inner fender and inner headlight panel and outer as a whole and hung with the top two bolts as section. i always take a 3/8 fine thread bolt and cut the head off to hang the back of the fender on til you get everything secured. i have left the outer headlight panel off and just done inner with the assembly. either way you usually fight with the top headlight to fender bolt
  8. nothin personal, we all have our opinions, just never cared for that grille. over all a really nice truck, like other said, hard to find a tan dash R that doesn't have 200 holes bored in the dash panels
  9. love it myself, always wanted a clean tan dash truck, Detroit is nice and different, i like the Canadian spread but god i have always hated that grille, even in F models, dunno why an my own opinion
  10. Maddog13407

    Rear axle wheel bearings

    agree, see how tight the old and new fit on the spindle. more top to bottom wobble than side to side is what id worry about. not tellin whats happened over the last 40 years or if someone installed a mismatched set to try to remedy a problem or a worn out spindle.
  11. Maddog13407

    1946 Mack EF - $3200 (West edmeston)

    been eyein this for years. just a little out of my budget yet
  12. pretty sure that truck use to belong to the Town of Galway or one of its employees. it hauled the old Oshkosh to the Balston show for years. it to was there this year by the state police set up
  13. Maddog13407

    1965 Mack B755

    wonderful restoration. remember seein it done at Gerharts just didn't think it was that long ago, time flies
  14. Maddog13407

    1965 Mack B755

    AZB did Matt do that truck or parts of it? i remember seein it at Gerharts i think the first year you had it done.
  15. Maddog13407

    Transmission for sale

    there is no gas, or diesel version.... the 67 and 72 was offered with diesel or gas , same exact transmission.

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