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  1. Hudson Mohawk aths show

    ill be there, cant miss my truck with the bumper badges. stop in and say hello. plan on leavin early tho, main my way to New Hampshire then a stop at the Worcester sand and gravel show sunday
  2. Had some spare parts............

    hate to ask but whats with the Bee Line door in the background?
  3. on another note, where does someone find those albums?? for some nice wall art
  4. Wanted - 1940-1955 MACK.. L series or sleeper

    like the Brockway front clip with the Wc White series cab. wish I knew where that A model sleeper was with ''62' on the front fender.
  5. Thank you, Driver!!!

    don't see that at all on I90, the New York Thruway when we are out there picking up a standed car or tractor trailer. wish I had a paintball gun sometimes to tag cars as the go by and they could get ticketed when they exit. I actually threw gas and a can down the side of a guys car the other day when the shit bad didn't move over when I was tryin to help a motorist. the boss has lost a pair of visegrips before also, ended up right threw someones windshield....
  6. 1969 Mack DM-600

    a lot of Ag sprayers and crop dusting companies up here use the big foot tires in the front and those industrial tires in the back. most of them are duals in the back to
  7. yup took a trip to Weare yesterday to check on some stuff and got passed by the cement mixer on a lowboy being pulled by a blue tandem axle B model haulin ass and blowin smoke....
  8. soooooooooooooo,who is holding out?? who got the 6 by 6 B42 cement mixer? saw it on a lowboy today being pulled by a blue B model headed west on Rt 9 headed twards I91 in Nh.....
  9. cheap acrylic enamel black is still 60-75 bucks a gallon,let alone a good color like orange or red, then add on tryin to get it in base/clear or acrylic urethane
  10. wait til you buy the orange....... you might fall on the floor when you buy orange, yellow, red or gold....
  11. I'm still waitin to know if 41Chevy ended up with the 6 by 6 B42 and who ended up with the 4 by 4 B42? I assume Matt Pfahl saved a few??
  12. Pedestal for B air horn

    the early B's were mounted on a pedestal until around 58 59 then they were mounted direct to the cab. the older ones has a remote valve bolted to a plate on door jamb, the direct ones had the valve mounted to the bottom of the horn. the older ones had the longer horn on the outside and shorter on in and the newer ones had long on the inside which was very close to the cab light. the pedestals are getting extinct. most broke cause they were aluminum potmetal
  13. looks like she has an 18 speed double over. you can see the bottom line of do not use 5th in low and low split so she must have some real slow meat grinders in the back to top out at 52mph
  14. Chicago R models

    I have seen 2 or 3 B models with that dry style air cleaner Al. I wanna say it was a factory option. all of them had the same unique formed 4'' 4 hole air inlet
  15. Tire/ Rim Question

    measure the spacer to. most Macks except the ones that came with true 24 inch rubber, had 3 5/8's spacers from the factory