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  1. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    Matt Pfahl bought the last remaining B model parts in Tidewaters inventory i believe. i remember there being a big family dispute and Bob Doub wanting to keep the restoration parts business and he was shut down by family after they sold the business??
  2. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    agree, and illl take 400 Thermodyne emblems and 4 pallets of vent windows, that would be 4 pallets each of lefts and right, might as well throw in a few pallets of floor mats and if you need me all be retiring in the year 2010 in my beach house somewhere in the south.....
  3. B61 Chrome Radiator Shell

    yea, ok, good luck. maybe Tidewater Mack circa 1993
  4. Another question

    call Lancaster county upholstery in pa, they have the best bang for the buck on an overpriced B model headliner it
  5. B77 -CL

    Shell Oil truck??
  6. Cleaning on the shop:

    what ever happened to the factory original B673??
  7. Compound Shifter Stuck

    might be easier to just crawl under and get the pins out of the rear clevises. there is only two 3/8 or 7/16 bolts that hold that whole shifting mechanism to the side of the trans. might be easier than screwing the the floorboard and treadle valve
  8. U-joint with 4 caps..change out

    those cast caps can be a pain in the ass to. pull a few hundred of the towin trucks and youll have your share of stubborn ones. have to get all four bolts started just right for them to start straight
  9. U-joint with 4 caps..change out

    tigertool is one of the best inventions known to man right along with a set of slack adjuster pullers but tiger tools are pricey. usually $300-350 depending where you get one
  10. was thinking of just using flange head bolts and Metric(cough) new style clip nuts. i guess its hidden under the floor mat and nobody will know.....
  11. Mcmaster doesn't have the clips with the floating nuts, they only have the cage nuts with clips for the treadle valve and throttle pedal mount and they don't have any fine threads just coarse
  12. anyone know of a place besides Mcmaster carr to get the square cage nut clips for an R model floor? the ones that hold the actual floor board in, not the square cage nuts for the treadle valve.
  13. on aside note Rob after the concept and 2001 got shit canned by the government and all the isocyanides got taken out of the paint, everything went to shit in my book. use to love PPG
  14. More progress

    i don't see ANY empty beer cans.........