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  1. those western battery box covers were about the worst thing Mack ever put on a truck next to a push button signal switch on a B model. probably the previous owner stepped on them and fell on his ass when the cover flew off.
  2. Bob Theimer had one in Bainbridge NY. if I remember it was cut behind the cab or rears were gone. wonder who got it at his auction???
  3. long gone. went back to Pa and was fixed and put into use
  4. I have boxes, just always loved those early front axles like that one with the big hubcap or the center wishbone in the axle re al close together. makes it look more badass
  5. id like that front axle and steering box out of that red one myself
  6. the original stuff from Mack and watts is junk Larry. have replaced mine twice since 2007. the stuff just doesn't last with the chaffin and rattling in a B model. I think id try the rubber instead next time
  7. nice lookin B, fenders are rough but with another set could be a nice set up ,steering wheel is probably the crowning jewel on this truck
  8. whats the years on the R models?? the one has headlights high, other low, other low, and the one has th hood scoop for a 285 or 300+ but also has the dual snorkel air cleaner to....
  9. good luck. Volvo has about put an end to and parts for older trucks
  10. 82 eastern R600 with 300 we had, had the hood with the tab and two screws in the other end. the 66 and 69 I have, have the 6 holes, somewhere in the middle they were different and I think the DMM was different also and shorter
  11. I have often wondered about guys who put a 237 or more in a B and some guys say it will suck the oil out of the oil bath and run on and tell you to change to a dry type.. but then again the early R685's had oil bath air cleaners.....
  12. just and fyi a gas job baby quad TRQ77 doesn't shift anywhere near as smooth as a diesel ''bigboy'' TRQ72 box
  13. 'Real Men' back then didn't know what a Chriopractor or a massage therapists was....
  14. gotta say I have never been a Durango fan...same as the Dodge Caravan. I really did like the Dodge truck when it came out around say 92 or so with ''Fenders''. I remember Ed Bruce on Truckin' USA had one brand new. puts pitt in my stomach. maybe because New York State firmly supports welfare and it seems ever welfare recipient that im working 70+ hours a week to pay for seems to drive a rotten out Dodge Durango or a Dodge caravan haha
  15. usually screw the nut back on and put and end wrench on that and the all to turn them out and in
  16. gotta say I rarely ever use heat on tie rod ends, maybe for a second to get them to break loose, then let it cool and use free all or blaster. ruined too many tie rod tubes by pullin the threads out by heating them. usually this day and age its easier to just buy a tube and ends
  17. pretty sure they didn't have ''full floating'' cone axles in 1986??
  18. maybe im missing something here... isn't the luxury of runnin an older truck that is mechanical a way to get around the eld????
  19. look on the rear pass of rear housing, the flat part to the right of Mack stamped on the tube. should say 507 508 512 . the bolt pattern is all the same single or double reduction. even some newer Mack rears that were off brand housings were the same bolt pattern. deciding factor is will your axle splines slip into the rear
  20. Bullheaded that's an oddball that blue truck. looks like a Loadstar car with an S series hood?? always like old Ih's myself always wanted an Ih pickup to drive around. those things were beasts for pickups
  21. I mostly remember the inverted camelback with fuel and milk haulers in upstate ny and new England. I wonder if there was a reason for this?
  22. I rememeber when those escutcheons and inside Mack door handles were about 5-6 bucks a piece, and the escutcheons always came in a package of 4
  23. so im curious, does this fit on the same rubber trunnion as say an old school 38 rear regular camelback? or is the trunnion tube higher to take up for the inverted springs?
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