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  1. door decals in a 4500 silverado still read International . thats a piss in the eyeball there. cant even print your own vin number decals in the door jamb. dont get me wrong this truck is a pullin sob with the wrecker body on but god there are some things on it that make you scratch your head
  2. we were a GM Chevy Olds dealer, thats why. no ovals or cumaparts around here. ours is a 4500. and badges Chevy althought every tag in the door jambs says International
  3. we had to have the dealer come to the shop with GM software to program the pto to turn on and at what rpm to run it even tho the switch was in the dash. yes being a tow truck its a pain in the ass to have to hit switch, undo brake to move the truck forward 2 feet if your in recovery situation, sometimes where life is in danger. as of now neither GM nor aftermarket makes front mudflaps for these i dont think. ours is 4 by 4 so i wonder if thats another reason the turning radius is poor. makes for interesting turn on the interstate when you have to do a U turn
  4. we have the silverado version at work, we put a wrecker body on it. we got it in January, one of the first in the area. i had a bitch of a time mounting the 4 outlet pto as i had to majorly modify the transmount bracket. GM/ih was not thinkin with that, or the lack of front mudflaps cause one trip down the road and mud is everywhere. my other bitch is GMs programming for the PTO. had to have a GM guy from the dealer come to the shop to program the pto even tho switch was already in the dash from factory. and guess what, you have the have the E brake engaged to turn the pto on, must be really h
  5. International and Mack both had the same screens. wish i could find a few. i had at one time a real B model screen that actually had round corners and fit the shell
  6. another trick i use on stubborn air hoses or fittings is place a hammer on the flat hex part of the nut and strike the ajacent side with another hammer. not enough to deform it, just enough to 'shock' it
  7. B422,B60, 62,68 B70 all had gas Thermodynes. 438 464 540 707. 438 had the baby duplex and quads behind them, 464 and 540 could have had a 67 nor 77 series trans and 707 had the 72 series. the truck in the pic has a 67 series by lookin at the the shifting levers come out more tward the firewall and angle back. a Tach was an option in any B model. we even have a few B42;s that the tach drives off the distributor. that truck looks like an original gas job B60 as it still has the knob lower left by steerin column to switch the fuel tanks from left to right tanks. gas jobs didnt have a crossover li
  8. dt wont fit in a B model without modifying the firewall ad/or radiator area. fan hub water pump area is way too long
  9. all depends what you wanna do with it. 401 is great to drive around empty or haulin a load of potato chips. otherwise they were underpowered and overworked. motor swap or chassis swap. few things come to mind if you just want a driver is an 80s or 90s ford F600 or bigger, usually had a 8.2 diesel or a 3208 cat or a B cummins if your lucky
  10. guages in the dash and being its a B60 i thinnk its more like a 56-59. few pictures of the frame and cross members and cab and i could probably pin point it
  11. no boat ride luckily, i think Sid Kamp saved it!
  12. throw a set of tires on her, get it running, do the fuel tanks and battery boxes and clear coat the whole thing. you just cant make patina like that
  13. 19.5's on the MB and 24.5's on the Cruiser, that must be whats going on there haha
  14. bought myself a cordless Dewalt weed eater and chain saw. pure heaven for the little things you wanna cut around the house and the weed eater battery will last like an hour and half... any more than that i dont wanna weed eat anyways
  15. STOPS is a big thing on older juice brake trucks. can spend a fortune weeding out the problems. not as popular as air. and why does that truck look so familiar?????
  16. that good lookin SOB might get a heart transplant over the winter. i love the sound of the straight piped 707,711 but the balancer is wobbling too much to my liking, not trying to steal the thread
  17. that doesnt look anywhere near too far gone to me. far from a parts truck.where and how much
  18. lots of misinformaton here...... depends on insurance whether you can haul a trailer or not, NYS has nothing to do with it
  19. everything back then was a ridged mount, most of the time with angle irons, sometimes with U bolts. i know at some point they outlawed the use of U bolts on 5th wheels. a Fontaine mechanical slider would have never been an option on a single axle, usually they were fixed. sometime i think in the 60's some tandems were set up with sliders
  20. historic plates in NY dont require a CDL
  21. not far from me..... but god oh why god would you ever pick a midliner to build something on. chassis parts are beyond unobtainable and if it has juice brakes or air over juice they are junk. worked on many and a few with air leaks and parts are non exhistent. youd be better off finding parts for a 60 year old B model
  22. what a hot rod. 285 or 300 plus. either way you better put something in that dipstick hole!
  23. wish i had about 10 more Lund visors after i put that one on that truck.... ugh if we only knew back then
  24. put a hood scoop on her....with the filter. always wanted to do that to a B
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