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  1. wow that's some straight B model sheet metal right there.... now time to get some bugs splattered on it. cant help but think none of these new generation bugs ever encountered a B model comin down the road?
  2. so why bother posting a bragging picture?? he was looking for one For Sale...
  3. somewhere in the last few years a $600 scrap B model is worth $2500 and a $2500 one is worth $6000... guess I should start sellin off mine..
  4. wheres the part where the greedy lazy grandson of the company owner (who went in the hospital) didn't wanna work and wanted to sell off assets and not work a day in his life??
  5. the White 4000 series with the Reo 200 or 220 Gold Comet was a bad ass powerful engine, the rest of the truck was pretty much junk. maybe good over the road but would not hold up in heavy road construction, same with the Diamond Reos on the same platform, the 549 V200 ih s and the 850 series Fords, beat them in heavy road construction and they would fall apart. exhaust, fuel tanks, spring hangers were just not as tough as an old Mack. this was a time when people up here In the north were scepticle on Diesels and gas jobs were still the In thing, the motors were powerful but they trucks around them were not as tough
  6. not sure that's even a 74. 74 might not have had that bumper and grille looks like an 80's that bolted to the air to air and I don't think a 74 had those front hubs and would not have said econodyne
  7. was def a 477, tandem tractor, red with white headliner and white steering wheel and dash insert, 5 and a 3, was not a slouch I been told but the 549 V200's we had would walk them all if you could keep them together.
  8. think it all depends to . back in the day Mack catered to customers, now customers don't mean shit. we had an 82 R600 300 with a 9 speed roadranger and the big square tanks on each side. it was an ex Ryder truck. I think Mack catered to Ryder and Roadway back in the day
  9. I also like the superdog with round headlites and makes me wonder the story in the MH cabover with the bicentennial colors and Mack logo on the door
  10. the yellow and black B is or was Tim Hoover's, sittin on a wrecked CH chassis and was thrown together I a matter of weeks to haul his vintage quarry trucks around
  11. 413 was an animal in those R400's. we had a few R402's with the junk 401 an duplexes and one R410SX, baby 18 speed double over quad and 44 rears and was told that it would run like its ass was on fire, could outrun a B61 or the T800 Ford we had with a 534 gas. was no match for a 549 International tho. this was the late 60's when gas was still cheap
  12. Do the letters F.O. mean anything to you? Hahaha kinda reminds me of a B model site I found on the internet advertising B MODEL PARTS FOR SALE.and they were using a picture of my truck on their website. I contacted them and got a nasty response....
  13. any of you guys over there feel like sending a few pair of those Mack flaps in the first pic on the superliner over to the states??? id pay for a few pair
  14. the politically correct name for my favorite country singers ex road truck is Miss Jesse... two of my favs, ole Hoss and old B models
  15. so I have to ask, why did they only produce this in a single screw??
  16. in a hobby truck I don't worry too much..i keep every fuel receipt
  17. i usually use Lucas or ATF in my B at fill ups. don't really care if they dip my tanks, if its red its red,id rather have my pump well lubed
  18. I forgot about that other point where they put us 40 year behind the time. have to pull the hub to change the rotor, now you spoiled the wheel seal, added to the other problem up north in the salt belt, shit don't come apart even after two years. they Bendix rotors have all these little wedges to hold the rotor on, oh yea a steel rotor on an aluminum hub, I don't have to tell you hoe that works out
  19. probably the biggest pos I have seen in recent years. heavy mechanic and we service a lot of pedal trucks for an oil company. they are beyond junk. Bendix brand. mind you they are pedal trucks and see the harshest of environment runnin the back road but they are getting maybe 30,000 out of a set of pads . compare that to 80-100 thousand out of a set of regular brake shoes. and to top it off when you PM a truck, you cant see they pads like regular lining so you have to pull every wheel and pull the dust cover to inspect the pads. we have even had a few brake cans go bad and burn the pads right off in no time, pair that with a an automatic and a dumb driver and you can actually not push in the yellow knob and take off with the brake on . if one can is broke on a disk brake set up and they burned the pads right off on a single axle truck. did I not mention when you wear the pads right down with a broken can it gets the caliper hot and burns the seals and rubber out of the caliper and OUR price for a Bendix caliper is $1700. they are junk
  20. last I knew he was spreading some hot blacktop and makin the green to buy more Macks......
  21. always been a round headlite fan over square. not a ford fan but always favored the 73-78 over the 79. same with Chevys, always favored the 73-79 over the 80 and up square bodies
  22. didn't some of the NYFD Macks use that blank lookin grille panel to? how about the quad headlights and flush signals on that R model? someone did some nice fiberglass work instead of cutting the square headli'tes into the original panels like I have seen, not that I like either one. look like they came from an 80's Buick or the Chevy Chase's 'Family truckster'
  23. I try not to wear light colored t shirts in my B61 while driving either...………. when I drove it in my wedding I had to have my shirt unbuttoned til I got there.....
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