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  1. Unfortunately he tried but the swamp fills up just as fast as it drains. At least we now know how deep the corruption goes. America is in for a very bad ride.
  2. Very cool picture of an old dog rotting in the weeds. Would be nice to have someone save it.
  3. Being gas it would have been a A40S or A50S or A54S. A54 were a larger A model with a wider grille. And the black A tandem looks to be the standard A grille. Its most likely a A40S but possibly a A50S if gas was original engine the lanova diesels were troublesome in their day and often replaced by gas engines. The picture is too low of resolution to make out the badge number under the mack on the hood sheetmetal.
  4. Was bored browsing Craigslist. Looks like 5th one built. B45 low production with 142 built. https://nh.craigslist.org/hvo/d/weare-1964-mack-b45-cab-and-chassis/7126135939.html
  5. Looks like a tough one. Keep us updated if you become sucessful.
  6. That is a nice A40X you found. Hopefully you can get it finished up. Thats a long time sitting with an engine swap unfinished.
  7. Just like any cab swap it's going to take some fabrication. If the current E model chasis was on decent shape I wouls rather drop the 12V into the E model myself. It's been done a few times I've came across a few pictures of a E model with a 12V.
  8. That bridge sure looks sturdy. Are you looking to rescue the old workhorse or just a photo operation?
  9. Friend of mine pointed this one out. H67 with 6-71 on Facebook marketplace.
  10. That one is said to be in Touchet WA owned by Don Shute. He purchased it in 2005 who knows where it's at today. Pretty sure this is the one your talking about?
  11. Superdog still has that W71 tractor for sale I think? He was asking good money but it so far appears to be the only tractor to survive. Just search Very Rare W-71T it was posted in 2012. Nevermind I see you revived that thread in December. Send him an offer... 😉
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