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  1. https://www.heraldstandard.com/multimedia/photos/today_in_history/hoover-dam-construction/image_66bac4e4-dc74-597e-ad69-dffe517f2c4d.html . White truck on the right. Mack AP 150 seat bus.
  2. There are a lot of pictures of dump trucks and other equipment building the hoover.
  3. No relation to seller just thought I would share it. They said it does run and truck is in Maine actually. https://www.mylittlesalesman.com/1940-mack-nm-day-cab-truck-rare-9958158
  4. Interesting article. A lot of neat old trucks and buses. If you scroll down to the 4th picture the caption states one of the two Macks used to build the hoover dam. I may have to visit this museum someday. "Bill also points out one of only two remaining AP Mack dump trucks designed to build the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. The other remaining truck has been restored to its former glory, unlike its Motor Transport Museum counterpart." https://roadtrippers.com/magazine/campo-motor-transport-museum/ I also searched further and found a video of the restored AP
  5. There are a bunch of electric trucks coming. The Daimler Ecascadia is already delivered to some customers I have read. Here it is below. They also have the EM2 and a EV school bus in testing. And then Volva Cummins Peterbuilt Paccar Navistar and more are about to release their EV trucks. https://media.daimler.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/Daimler-delivers-its-first-electric-Freightliner-eCascadia-to-US-customers.xhtml?oid=44194111 A Peterbuilt delivered to a customer for testing. https://www.greencarcongress.com/2020/01/20200112-werner.html
  6. It will be interesting but I wouldn't be surprised if production gets pushed out as it already has before. As far lies. They have repeatedly said there cars would be self driving by now and they can barely self drive around a parking lot without having issues. They said the base model 3 would be 35K you still can't get a model 3 that cheap. They finally offered that early last year and then quickly canceled the bare bones model 3. I do know one thing is I should have bought Tesla stock. 20 years from now EVs will likely share the road with ICE trucks
  7. It will be interesting to see real world results. The range that Tesla claims defy physics gor the most part. Daimler was seeing like a 5th of the range Tesla is claiming with their electric trucks. Until advancements in solid state batteries there has not been that many break thru moments in battery density. It would not be the first time Tesla lied if the range is bogus. I still don't see long haul trucking moving to EVs due to cost, range, recharge time etc. Tests have been done on the model X for exanple towing lightweight camper trailers and they lost considerable range. I want ro say in some heavy pulls up steep passes they reduced the Model X range by like 60%. EVs have many advantages but also many disadvantages in many areas depending on applications.
  8. Like them or hate them EVs are coming to all forms of transportation. If you don't get on board as an auto maker you will get left behind. They will not be the solution to every transportation need.
  9. Thanks. The fronts do have flaps from the factory.
  10. It's just for recreational use. I'm not for hire. I don't have a CDL or DOT numbers. I'm not in the trucking buisness. I repair, troubleshoot and program CNC machinery in the aerospace industry for a living. It's just a toy and something to move and possibly retrieve future old iron with. I have some Macks, Federals, Acars on my wish list. The heaviest I've towed is just my mack with my F250 7.3 which is too small to pull larger loads safely etc. It's also my new daily driver as its so much nicer to drive than all my other daily beaters.
  11. I'm still in my 30s so not completely broken yet. Girlfriend has complained a few times. I'm waiting on a company called Amp that sells power deployable running boards to update the electronics to work with the 2020s.
  12. Thread resurrection time. Ordered this in September and it arrived mid December. 2020 with the 3rd generation 6.7 and new 10 speed 10R140. Love it so far but I only have 2K miles on it. The new upgrdes make these a beast to drive. So far I am getting 15mpg according to the dash.
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