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  1. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/vernonia-1955-ltl-mack/6896031924.html
  2. Neat rig. At least it found a new home.
  3. Wonderful zoning codes and nosey neighbors. What about bolting a camper on the back and getting it registered as a RV. I understand the reasons for zoning rules and code but it gets rediculous when cities will not even let you put a shed in your yard.
  4. Does he have a price range on some of these trucks?
  5. Another old workhorse on its deathbed. https://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/d/mack-haul-dump-truck/6538601182.html
  6. I used Uship and accepted a bid from a local to me guy who was on his way back from Southern California. Was happy. Seeing reviews from other customers helps make those decisions as well.
  7. Restore it. Nothing show worthy just painted and drive able. I will be keeping my eye out for cast wheels as the spoke wheels cost a fortune to restore. The rust is mostly not that bad and it is all there. It's getting tarped up for the winter and I will assess it in the spring. I am now the 3rd owner. Seller said his grandfather rebuilt the engine in the 90s then it sat for the last 20 years or so. It was sitting in dry southern California most of it's life. Motor is of course currently stuck I May work to un stick it soon depending on weather. It's not like I needed another project.
  8. Just enough to roll it around so I can move it to its parking spot
  9. 800 after the fee Uship charged. Considering the troubles he encountered to load it I was happy with It. Would have cost me much much more to move it myself. The seller said it would roll but the wooden spoke wheels are in poor shape. One came completely apart and one of the rears was locked along with the other rear barely hanging together. The steering was also frozen. After a can of PB blaster the rear is free, it steers and I adapted a 22.5 to the steer axle so I can roll it where I need it.
  10. So I got lucky. I threw it up for bids on Uship. I found a local guy that was on his way back from LA hauling a F800 and had enough room on his trailer. He did an excellent job considering the wheels were broke and suck unlike I was told. They had to load with a forklift and I had to rent a lift on my side for unloading. It's home.
  11. Any good auto transport companies on the west coast? I have purchased a 1915ish Federal 2 ton ish truck that is in California. I need to get it shipped to Washington state. The chassis is rough and rusty but seller "claims it rolls". Wood spoke wheels solid rubbers. The passenger side front rubber has mostly fallen off. Worm drive rear axle. Any leads will be appreciated. I will also be inquiring with the companies listed online in the transport/hot shotting business.
  12. https://worcester.craigslist.org/cto/d/sterling-chain-drive-antique/6326308175.html This one is part of a sizeable collection. If I recall there were also many Mack and Sterling trucks as well as other makes.
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