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  1. The D. C. Hillbillies headed for the swamp
  2. This country is in for a very bad ride.
  3. I am in a Union. Many are Trump supporters but half are still brain washed into believing that the democrats will save our Union. Our Union is worthless. Only way I notice I'm still a Union member is the dues coming out of my paychecks.
  4. I know a few so far personally who already regret their vote.
  5. There is mounds of evidence sitting right in front of us in regards to the widespread voting fraud. The dominion machines were found to be designed to remotely controlled to change votes. The study by I think it was allied security found that the machines were designed to be used to flip votes. I've read articles lately where many counties are ditching the dominion machines due to the election fraud. The ceo of dominion in a hearing swore their machines have no network capability yet older videos show eric coomer talking about the different types of network cards the machines use. There is no
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